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Product Information

My-T-Touch® Touch screen Keyboards

for Touch screens and Touch screen based Systems

My-T-Touch is a touch screen keyboard software utility designed for industrial & commercial applications. It is the same software as My-T-Soft (touchscreen users prefer My-T-Touch; Mobile & Rugged users prefer My-T-Pen, you get the idea...)

IMG's touch screen keyboard software utilities have been the choice of thousands of OEM's & Integrators, and hundreds of thousands of End-Users worldwide, since 1993.

For Windows 8 / 8.1 our please see My-T-Soft On-screen Keyboard Utilities

We're the largest publisher of on-screen keyboards in the world and the only one who's products are recommended, offered, or bundled by major touch screen based OEM's and Systems Integrators worldwide - because of the high level of compatibility, functionality, reliability, security, and versatility our products provide!

Whether we're part of an Automotive, Food, Military, or Industrial Plant controller, or the interface to Aircraft Diagnostics, Rugged Military PC, MRI / PET Scanner, or Fleet GPS system, we help run some of the most advanced and critical systems in the world.

Perhaps that's why we're The World Standard in Touch screen Keyboard Software

My-T-Touch provides a natural, intuitive extension to the touch screen interface. It offers a touch screen keyboard (on-screen keyboard emulation) that works with ANY Windows program. It is ideal for network logons, security passwords, ID authentication, production quantity entry, notes, name entry, and a variety of other uses, especially big displays that require a large touch screen keyboard.

By allowing systems to operate without the need for a physical keyboard, external templates, plastic membranes, or buttons, My-T-Touch can provide the finishing touch on sealed systems that only requires the touch screen interface for user input.

My-T-Touch uses a concept found in fighter planes, helicopters, tanks, and automobiles. That concept is called "Heads Up Display" technology and its principal objective is to keep the users focus and concentration centered in one place. My-T-Touch uses that concept to reduce the visual re-focusing and re-positioning, caused by the heads up and down motion of going from screen to keyboard to screen, and the resulting confusion it causes.

For IMG's Custom Keyboard Designer, see Build-A-Board Keyboard Designer

New features in Version 1.80
  • Support for Windows 8 / 8.1 (32 & 64 bit).
  • Start Screen support, plus direct to Desktop (Boot-to-Desktop), open minimized, etc.
  • Standardized to My-T-Soft On-screen Keyboard Utilities

  • New features in Version 1.79
  • Support for Windows 7 / Vista (32 & 64 bit). Ver 1.78 supports 2k / XP.
  • Version match to My-T-Pen and My-T-Soft
  • Multi-Touch support, Gesture support
  • Visual Themes with Theme select
  • New Touch Panel
  • Ctrl+Alt+Delete Touchscreen Logon button
  • 64-bit support
  • Deployment features: Parallax, Key Block time-out, high-DPI support, etc.
  • Numerous customer requested enhancements & updates
  • OEM/VAR Custom Versions and Site/Enterprise Licenses available.
    please call 800-889-0987 (+1 818-701-1579) or contact IMG Sales


    Over 200 "Heads-Up Display" Infinitely Sizeable Touch screen Keyboards

    Russian Onscreen Keyboard Layout in size 8

    ABCD Alphabetical, QWERTY, 3 DVORAK's, and over 200 International layouts (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Russian (shown right in size 8), Greek, etc.) with Edit and Numeric panels.

    Minimize Keystrokes, Mouse Clicks and Menu Selections

    Onscreen Keyboard 3D Macro Panel in size 9 Macro Panel in size 7 with custom color Onscreen Keyboard Windows Panel in size 7 with custom color Standard Windows Panel

    Store up to 2000 keystrokes/menu selections (or the applications macro scripts) on each button. Up to 15 buttons can be grouped on individual Panels, which auto-open when their assigned application becomes active.
    Shown Left (far): My-T-Touch with standard Macro panel open in size 9.
    Shown Left (near): My-T-Touch with Macro panel open in size 7 with customized color option.
    Shown Right (near): My-T-Touch with standard Windows panel open in size 9.
    Shown Right (far): My-T-Touch with Windows panel open in size 7 with customized color option

    Pop-up Calculator in size 9

    Assignable Functions for Pointing Device Buttons

    Assign any of 63 different functions to each button. Popular keys such as Shift, Esc, Enter, Ins, Ctrl, etc, can be assigned at anytime

    Pop-Up Calculator with pop-up Tape and Send Function

    A standard 4 function calculator with memory, that always stays on top, has its own pop-up Tape and Send function that places the display information right into your current document or field.

    My-T-Touch Onscreen Keyboard with Magnifier Open

    Built in Magnifier

    If necessary, a Magnifier panel can be displayed to show a magnified view of the current area (mouse cursor as center).

    Developer friendly

    Show & Hide keys, program keys in Key Options, Custom logo display, Operator mode, on-demand functionality. The SDK Developer's Integration Kit comes with all kinds of utilities, source code, sample code, and a wealth of information for integrating My-T-Touch with your own application.

    My-T-Touch Onscreen Keyboard with hidden keys and custom logo size 9

    My-T-Touch Touch screen Keyboard with Show & Hide keys and custom logo over tool bar in size 9.

    Customized Colors

    Num Pad in size 10 with custom colors
    My-T-Touch keyboard with control panel open in size 8

    From Left: Num Keypad with custom colored text in size 10, My-T-Touch touch screen keyboard with custom colored background and control panel open in size 8. Color Support includes: Button text, Button face, Button highlight, Button shadow, and Keyboard background.

    Customized Painting

    My-T-Touch 104 Keyboard with Edit using customized Painting

    Using the Developer's Kit (1.78 Release 3) with My-T-Touch 1.78 Release 2, you can modify the default key background, paint the key background, and paint the key labels. By using internal key values & keyboard info, you can do small scale modifications, or large scale modifications to the visual display of My-T-Touch!

    Build-A-Board Samples

    IMG's latest release of My-T-Soft, My-T-Pen, and My-T-Touch allows you to use custom touch screen keyboard layouts created with IMG's Build-A-Board Virtual Keyboard Designer.

    Build-A-Board Function Keys

    Build-A-Board Panel
    Build-A-Board Welcome

    Build-A-Board Numpad

    Feature List

    • Seamless operation from Touch screen, Mouse, Trackball, Pen, or any other pointing device

    • Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 Compatible

    • Workstation / Network Logon Options

    • Developer Tool Kit and Extensions

    • Developer examples of integrating into existing applications

    • Supervisor / Operator Modes

    • Show & Hide Keys

    • Selectable Sizes

    • Realistic 3D graphics

    • Infinite Sizing

    • Support for Build-A-Board layouts - completely customizable user interface

    • 11 panels, individually selectable, or create your own with Build-A-Board

    • Great for editing - Quick & Easy!

    • Special Windows Short-cut Touch screen Keyboard - Power Users Dream!

    • 101 & 104 key layouts

    • Multiple Keyboard Layouts with ABC Layout for Non-Typists

    • International support - numerous keyboard layouts from around the world

    • Create Macro Keys & Panels

    • Specific Key & Key Combination Enable / Disable

    • Attach Executable programs to Keys & Key Combos or Window Activation

    • Includes the Calculator with Calculator Tape & Send Feature

    • Time & Date Display

    • Memory, Disk Space, Resources status Display

    • Completely Configurable for all of your needs

    • Built-In Magnifier

    • Color-code Panels for easy identification

    • On-line Quick Help for First-Time Users

    • Minimizes to a Button for convenient access

    • Once you use it, you won't want to live without it!

    • Keyboard not required (Just Say No... to your Keyboard.)

    • End-user and Developer Support


    On-Screen keyboard software written as standard Windows application
    • Compatible with all properly written Windows applications
    • Developed in C/C++ - written at same level as Windows operating system for maximum capabilities
    • Accesses Windows API via standard interfaces/System DLLs - No frameworks or special environment required
    • Support for all Windows variations since Windows 3.0, including Windows CE
    • Field proven technology since 1993
    Keyboard designed so pointing device can fully operate Windows
    • Keyboard layouts as binary data files for minimal space requirements
    • Fully emulates 101/104 physical keyboard
    • 11 individually selectable panels, including Alpha keyboard, Edit, and Numeric keypad
    • 12 base sizes, infinite larger sizes
    • Over 200 US, international, and variation layouts
    • Supports IMG's Build-A-Board Layouts
    User, developer, and integrator command and control options
    • Provides ability for user to operate without need for physical keyboard
    • Operator mode for secure application integration
    • Developer's Kit (SDK) for controlling and manipulating keyboard
    Modular support options/capabilities
    • Sounds
    • Transparency
    • Windows logon options
    • External Support utilities (Developer's Kit)
    Operational customization options
    • Show/Hide keys to remove potentially undesirable keys/options (Alt, Control, Function keys, etc.)
    • Key options to remap/modify key actions
    • Macro panels for arbitrary/lengthy keyboard actions
    Visual customization options
    • Custom views/colors/key images
    • Supports themes for visual integration
    • Integrates with IMG's Build-A-Board for complete customization capabilities
    Extensive feature list
    • Unique and specialized features to address customer needs
    • Detailed help, documented options, on-line knowledgebase
    • Advanced Technical support, programming, and program level integration assistance available

    Technical Information

    My-T-Touch is a standard Windows Application and does not require any special drivers, and should work with all pointing device (mouse, touchscreen, pen, HID, etc.) interfaces, along with keyboard and mouse emulation drivers that are compatible with the ones that ship with Microsoft Windows.

    There are countless of configuration options, settings, and special features available that have been added by customer requests since the original product release in 1993. Refer to the User's Guide for release specific technical notes, product options, and complete documentation.

    Order - My-T-Touch Touchscreen Keyboards

    My-T-Touch Suggested Retail Price (Quantity 1) is US $99.95.

    Just want to license electronically? Download and install the software, then click on "Purchase License Now" from the software's License Manager!

    Corporate Enterprise Licensing
    • Single-Site Enterprise 100 (Keyless, Image Ready Licensing, on-going maintenance - 100 Users) - $3,000.00US
    • Multi-Site Enterprise 250 (Keyless, Image Ready Licensing on-going maintenance - 250 Users) - $5,000.00US
    • Multi-Site Enterprise 500 (Keyless, Image Ready Licensing, on-going maintenance - 500 Users) - $7,500.00US
    • Multi-Site Enterprise 1000 (Keyless, Image Ready Licensing, on-going maintenance - 1000 Users) - $10,000.00US
    • Larger or Global Enterprise (Keyless, Image Ready Licensing, on-going maintenance - Unlimited Users) - Contact Us
    For OEM, Integrator & Reseller Pricing or EndUser Single, Multi-Site, or Enterprise Licensing
    (including Keyless Licensing, Image Ready integration, and Programming Integration Support),

    please call 800-889-0987 (+1 818-701-1579) or contact IMG Sales