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Virtual On-screen Keyboard
& Touchscreen User Interfaces

and Adaptive Pointing Device Utilities

by Innovation Management Group, Inc.

Check out our New, Low Cost, My-T-Soft Basic and Online Layout Database!

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IMGPresents "The Evolution of the On-screen Keyboard into a powerful User Interface!"

    What Do You Need?
  • I need basic low cost on-screen keyboards, number & function key panels - My-T-Soft Basic
  • I need on-screen keyboards that can automatically pop-up in an active field - My-T-Soft Pro
  • I need programmable on-screen keyboards for secure commercial or industrial use - My-T-Soft Pro
  • I need programmable on-screen keyboards for Windows CE/.NETSIP - My-T-Soft CE
  • I need to create custom (or modify IMG's) keypads for use on any O/S - My-T-Soft w/ Build-A-Board
  • I need on-screen keyboards that run from a Citrix / Terminal Server environment - My-T-Soft TS
  • I need on-screen keyboards & computer access for physically challenged users - Assistive Technology

Imagine having an online database with thousands of on-screen keyboards, keypads, & templates easily modified with our designer and usable in any application on any O/S. IMG has thousands of keyboards, keypads, macro/numeric/function panels, audio/video panels, kiosk/POS layouts, terminal emulators, and industrial membrane panels, created for customers over the past 20 years, online for you.

Not Just a Keyboard and not just for Windows, but a True Cross-Platform User Interface
that can be customized and integrated into Windows CE/.NET/SIP - 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 (32 & 64 bit), Embedded, Citrix/MS Terminal Services, Linux, and OSX. Total Control over the operator user interface with security and reliability. You choose when, where and how the user interacts with the system!

Since 1995, IMG has been the only 3rd party on-screen keyboards publisher offered by major Automation, Commercial, HMI, Industrial, Instrument, Medical, Military, Mobile, Rugged, Tablet, SCADA, & Touchscreen systems manufacturers worldwide. Call us at 800-889-0987 / +1 818-701-1579 or e-mail us

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Get Joystick-To-Mouse      Emergency Response Medical Test and Measurement Utilities / Warehousing International Financial / Stock Exchange
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TouchRight Utilities    AT Accessibility Suite    The Magnifier    WordComplete    My-T-Mouse   
OnScreen    OnScreen with CrossScanner    Joystick-To-Mouse    SmartClick   
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IMG's Blog - Recorded Keystrokes

Innovation Management Group, Inc.

IMG's on-screen keyboard (also known as a virtual keyboard or touch screen keyboard) utilities have been the choice of tens of thousands of Tablet PC and Touchscreen OEM's, Systems Integrators, and Endusers worldwide, since 1995, because of the high level of compatibility, functionality, security, reliability, and versatility our products provide! Whether we're part of an Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical, or Steel Plant controller, or the interface to Aircraft Diagnostics, Rugged Military PC, MRI, or Fleet GPS system, IMG utilities help run some of the most advanced and critical systems in the world. We also take pride in delivering that same quality and reliability to special needs individuals thru our Assistive Technology Computer Accessibility division. Perhaps that's why we're considered The World Standard in On-screen Keyboard and Pointing Device Utilities!

IMG is the primary supplier of on-screen keyboard software (also called a virtual keyboard, touch screen keyboard, or soft keyboard) and Virtual Keyboard Designer Tools to major Automation, Handheld, HMI, Industrial, Instrument, Kiosk, Medical, Military, Mobile, Pen, Public Safety, Rugged, SCADA, Tablet PC, Touchscreen, Ultra Mobile PC, Vehicle Mount, Voting, Wearable, and Whiteboard system manufacturers, software publishers, and end-users worldwide. The product line includes My-T-Mouse, OnScreen, My-T-Pen, My-T-Soft, My-T-Soft TS for Terminal Services / Remote Desktop, My-T-Soft CE, Build-A-Board Keyboard Designer Tool, and My-T-Touch, along with other pointing device enhancement software products, which complete the evolution of the user to computer interface.

Since 1995, IMG's My-T-Soft Family has been considered the World Standard for On-screen Keyboards and has been the professional's choice for pointing (input) device enhancement utilities worldwide. Thousands of OEM's and hundreds of thousands of customers have integrated IMG software into their systems because of the high level of functionality, versatility, reliability, and compatibility our products provide! Whether we're part of an automotive, food, medical, military, pharmaceutical, or steel plant controller, or the interface to an aircraft test system, ruggedized military pc, medical device, or vehicle / marine GPS, IMG's products run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on some of the most advanced and highly critical systems in the world.

IMG's on-screen keyboard and pointing device enhancement utilities are written at the same level as the O/S and thus send true physical input to the O/S, its applications, and any high level programming environment. In addition to the many programmable functions and features found in IMG's Software Utilities, IMG has had numerous requests for a way to control its programs externally without a lot of programming expertise. IMG's Developer's Integration Kit includes those features.

IMG's latest releases support Windows 8.1 back thru 98 (including Windows XP Embedded and Tablet PC), Windows CE thru .NET, Windows Server 2012 back thru NT (Terminal Services / Remote Desktop to any thick or thin, wired or wireless clients), and come with full integration support. They also include over 200 US & International Layouts (including a Russian keyboard, Hebrew keyboard, Arabic keyboard, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean keyboards). All IMG on-screen keyboard utilities also have the ability to use custom layouts built with IMG's Build-A-Board Virtual Keyboard Designer Tool. They provide a major step-up in features, functionality, and integration capabilities over the Microsoft XP on-screen keyboard.

The Magnifier 1.50. The First Truly Affordable Full Screen Magnifier is here! It's hard to believe it has been 10 years since the first release of The Magnifier. IMG has taken end-user and institutional suggestions, integrated the new magnification capabilities into Windows, added keyboard controls, a new "command menu window" for school, library, and institutional use, and has enhanced the software under extensive user beta testing. See The Magnifier product page for details. The Magnifier and ALL IMG products are now available on IMG's "Insert and Run Anywhere"USB Drive! Take it anywhere you go. Nothing installs on the PC!

WordComplete 1.20 This is the newest product from IMG. It provides stand-alone word prediction and completion for both physical keyboard users and virtual on-screen keyboard users. WordComplete is ideal for Healthcare, Legal, and Medical fields where there are large or complex words, character strings, or technnical terms. Abbreviation Expansion, Suffixing, and Multiple Dictionaries are supported. See the WordComplete product page for all the details...

IMG is dedicated to innovative ideas and turning those ideas into real-world solutions that provide value, increase productivity, and enhance technology.

Product news and information about IMG's pointing device retail products are available at:

Commercial Products Home Page - My-T-Pen, My-T-Touch, My-T-Soft, My-T-Soft TS, TouchRight Utilities, Build-A-Board - Onscreen Keyboard, Virtual Keyboard Developer, Macro Keyboard, and Hotkey Utilities for Handheld, Industrial, Kiosk, PDA, Pen, Ruggedized, Tablet, Touchscreen, Wearable, and Whiteboard PC systems

Assistive Technology Products Home Page - Joystick-To-Mouse, My-T-Mouse, OnScreen (Keyboard) with WordComplete, OnScreen (Keyboard) with CrossScanner, The Magnifier, SmartClick, and WordComplete. - Adaptive Technology Enabling Tools for Individuals with Special Needs
Please contact IMG if you are interested in OEM, Private Label, or Custom versions

What's New... in On-screen Keyboard and Virtual Keyboard Designer Tools

Contact us at 800-889-0987 (+1 818-701-1579) or Send IMG a note via e-mail...

My-T-Mouse®, My-T-Pen®, My-T-Touch®, and My-T-Soft® are registered trademarks of Innovation Management Group, Inc.

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Updated February 2016
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