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Product Information

My-T-Soft® for Android - Build-A-Board Run-time target

My-T-Soft® is the premium onscreen keyboard utility for any computing platform. Clients can use the included templates or create their own custom layouts from within Build-A-Board and drop them into a Android based product to provide the on-screen keyboards and utilities that have been available previously only on Windows platforms.

The ultimate goal for Build-A-Board and IMG's My-T-Soft family of On-screen Keyboard Utilities is to provide a complete cross-platform, interactive user interface so that clients can develop their user interface at the lowest level of the operating system and deliver it across multiple platforms while maintaining visual and functional consistency.

IMGs Build-A-Board Keyboard Designer Tool provides a comprehensive environment for creating, modifying, and managing onscreen keyboards, buttons, and panels for the user interface, which can be used in the My-T-Soft family of products (My-T-Pen, My-T-Touch, My-T-Soft, My-T-Soft Terminal Services, and OnScreen with Word Completion) or it can generate it's own "lite" run-time targets for Windows, Windows CE / .NET / Mobile, Linux, Mac OS X, or UNIX.

My-T-Soft® for Android is part of the My-T-Soft® Build-A-Board system.
Android is a supported platform as part of the Build-A-Board Platform licensing.

  • Android installable apk file - this is not yet a public release, Security | Unknown Sources must be enabled
  • Run-Time support for Android
  • This is a Evaluation run-time version. Build-A-Board License (Catalog #12401) required for Android platform license.
  • Contact IMG for separate run-time licenses and other options.


  • Drag and drop keys with modifiable labels, actions, views

  • Multiple target platforms - Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.

  • Create any on screen keypad, keyboard, or membrane layout

  • Replace old legacy membrane panels with virtual onscreen panel replicas

  • Select Colors of Text, Keys, and Panels

  • Use High Resolution 3D on keys

  • Drag & drop images / add images to keys and panels

  • Select Fonts

  • Build & Test within the Builder Environment locally (does not require Target system)

  • Cut/Copy/Paste Keys

  • Align keys - Top/Left/Bottom/Right/Horizontal Center/Vertical Center

  • Evenly Space Keys

  • Size Keys to match Width/Height/Both Width & Height

  • Center Key or Keys

  • Create keystrokes along with full-featured macros in Key Action

  • Built-in Commands: Close, Minimize, Save Position

  • Open different layouts from user-accessible keys or manage programmatically

  • Play MIDI files (on supported platforms)

  • Play Sounds (Wave files) (on supported platforms)

  • Run External programs, Execute Shortcuts, Use File Associations to launch host application

  • Save and Manage projects

Builder provides development environment for boards with 1 to 250+ keys per board

Build-A-Board On screen Keyboard Builder Screen Shot

Some Sample Layouts

Build-A-Board On screen Keyboard Example Membrane Panel Layout
Build-A-Board Onscreen Keyboard Example Edit Panel Layout
Build-A-Board On screen Keyboard Example Keyboard Panel Layout

Build-A-Board Onscreen Keyboard Example Function Key Layout
Build-A-Board On screen Keyboard Example 24 Function Key Layout


Want Customized Painting?

Use My-T-Soft with the Developers Kit!

My-T-Soft 104 on-screen keyboard with Edit using Customized Painting
(Using the Developer's Kit - KeyPaint interface allows custom key painting to allow virtually any view)

Build-A-Board 2.20 now supports images for keys and panels Build-A-Board 2.20 now supports images for keys and panels Build-A-Board 2.20 supports Windows, Windows CE, Linux, and Mac OS X targets


On-Screen keyboard software written as standard Android Input Method Service
  • Compatible with all supported Android devices
Flexible/modular design
  • Keyboard layouts as binary data files for minimal space requirements
Modular support options/capabilities
  • Custom views/colors/key images
  • Cross Platform options with Build-A-Board
  • Access to online database at
Extensive feature list
  • Unique and specialized features to address customer needs
  • Detailed help, documented options, on-line knowledgebase
  • Advanced Technical support, programming, and program level integration assistance available

Technical Information

My-T-Soft for Android is the Android based run-time component from IMG's Build-A-Board. This is a custom Android input service method tool that provides enhancements and Build-A-Board integration to the existing Android Keyboard and Input options.

Install My-T-Soft on Android (public release not yet available)

Step 1: Ensure Unknown Sources is enabled

Ensure Unknown Sources is enabled - Settings | Security | Unknown Sources checked On

install-settings #1 image

Step 2: Install My-T-Soft onto your device

Download .apk file onto your device, and then install from Downloads folder using a File Manager (e.g. Astro File Manager),
If USB connection in use, download to your computer, and use adb:
adb install

Step 3: Enable/Set Default Input to My-T-Soft

Enable / Select My-T-Soft Keyboard - Settings | Language & Input

install-settings #2 image

Enable My-T-Soft Keyboard - Settings | Language & Input | My-T-Soft Keyboard checked On

install-settings #3 image

Change Default input method to be My-T-Soft - select Default

install-settings #4 image

Choose Input Method - select My-T-Soft Keyboard

install-settings #5 image

Verify My-T-Soft Keyboard Enabled and made Default - then test!

install-settings #6 image


My-T-Soft for Android

Sample Function Key board image

Additional Notes:

  • The Android Platform for Build-A-Board has not been publicly released - contact IMG for further information

For other platforms, click on the link below:

Click here to Download My-T-Soft for Windows
Click here to Download My-T-Soft for Mac OS X
Click here to Download My-T-Soft for Windows CE