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Product Information

My-T-Soft® CE for Windows CE

Win CE thru 7.0, .NET / SIP / Embedded Support

Virtual On screen Keypads and Software Input Panel Utilities

Now with Thousands of pre-built Layout Templates online and a Designer tool!
My-T-Soft CE is the premium on-screen keyboard for Windows CE. Originally released as a component of IMG's Build-A-Board Keypad Designer / Editor Tool for OEMs and large corporate clients, the demand led us to release a version of My-T-Soft CE as a stand alone product. Clients can use the included templates or create their own custom software input panels from within Build-A-Board, then drop them into the CE product or any other IMG on-screen keyboard utility.

Do It Yourself or have have IMG Build layouts for you!
IMG's Build-A-Board Keypad Designer / Editor Tool provides a comprehensive environment for creating, modifying, and managing groups of buttons, panels, or on-screen keypad and virtual input panels for the user interface, which can either be dropped into any My-T-Soft family of products (My-T-Pen, My-T-Touch, My-T-Soft, My-T-Soft CE, My-T-Soft TS, or OnScreen with Word Complete) or the tool can generate it's own run-time targets for Windows CE thru 10, Android, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Sample layout on Windows CE

Looking for other platforms?

My-T-Soft for Windows
My-T-Soft for Android
My-T-Soft for Linux
My-T-Soft for Mac OS X

OEM/VAR Custom Versions and Site/Enterprise Licenses available.
please call 800-889-0987 (+1 818-701-1579) or contact IMG Sales


With Build-A-Board & My-T-Soft CE you can...

  • Drag and drop keys with modifiable labels, actions, views

  • Multiple target platforms - Windows CE thru 7.0 (including .NET / SIP / Embbedded)

  • Create any on screen keyboard, virtual input panels, or macro buttons

  • Create shaped panels to fit available application screen space, such as L-shaped layouts

  • Replace old legacy membrane panels with re-programmable on screen panels

  • Select Colors of Text, Keys, and Panels

  • Use High Resolution 3D on keys

  • Drag & drop images / add images to keys and panels

  • Select Fonts

  • Build & Test within the Builder Environment locally (does not require Target system)

  • Cut/Copy/Paste Keys

  • Align keys - Top/Left/Bottom/Right/Horizontal Center/Vertical Center

  • Evenly Space Keys

  • Size Keys to match Width/Height/Both Width & Height

  • Center Key or Keys

  • Create keystrokes along with full-featured macros in Key Action

  • Built-in Commands: Close, Minimize, Save Position

  • Open different layouts from user-accessible keys or manage programmatically

  • Play MIDI files (on supported platforms)

  • Play Sounds (Wave files) (on supported platforms)

  • Run External programs, Execute Shortcuts, Use File Associations to launch host application

  • Save and Manage projects

Build-A-Board Onscreen Keyboard Builder Screen Shot

Some Sample Layouts

Build-A-Board Onscreen Keyboard Example Membrane Panel Layout Build-A-Board On screen Keyboard Example Large US Layout Build-A-Board Onscreen Keyboard Example Large US Alternate / international input Layout Build-A-Board On screen Keyboard Example Small French Layout

An Ideal Complement to Pen, Rugged, Tablet PC & Touchscreen based Systems!

Developer friendly

Developer's Kit Available

Pre-built Layout Templates are included in the install packages:

  • English-US
  • English-UK
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Hungarian
  • Thousands more with international and special characters are constantly being added to the website.

The pre-built layouts are all built from Build-A-Board, and can be modified or different layouts can be added and easily selected by the Input Panel option in Control Panel.


My-T-Soft CE software is implemented in 2 distinct ways for operation in Windows CE. One target is written as standard Windows application and the other is a drop-in SIP (Software Input Panel) add-on.
  • Supports Windows CE thru 7.0, including .NET / SIP / Embedded versions
  • Processor support includes ARM, x86, MIPS, etc.
  • Compatible with all properly written Windows applications
  • Developed in C/C++ - written at same level as Windows operating system for maximum capabilities
  • Accesses Windows API via standard interfaces/System DLLs - No frameworks or special environment required

Technical Information

My-T-Soft CE is the Windows CE based run-time component from IMG's Build-A-Board. It is made available as a separate purchasable product for certain customers that prefer the license per unit, rather than the platform licensing available within Build-A-Board.

Most Windows CE customers have some level of interaction with IMG staff due to the varied nature of their needs and customization capabilities available in the embedded world


Pocket PC Input Panel

Mobile PC Input Panel

For other processors, other configurations, or for more information, please contact IMG directly

For other platforms, click on the link below:

Click here to Download My-T-Soft for Windows
Click here to Download My-T-Soft TS for Windows Server / Terminal Server
Click here to Download My-T-Soft for Android
Click here to Download My-T-Soft for Linux
Click here to Download My-T-Soft for Mac OS X

Order - My-T-Soft CE

For My-T-Soft CE options and pricing, please contact IMG Sales.
  • Software is licensed per workstation or device (OEM / Enterprise Image Ready Licensing is available).
  • Supports: Latest Windows CE / Embedded / .NET / Mobile / SIP versions
  • For Thin Clients running under Windows Terminal Services / Remote Desktop, please see My-T-Soft TS
  • For Custom Keypad / Virtual Input Panels, please see Build-A-Board Designer Tool
  • Run-time support for Windows CE includes MIPS, ARM, X86, SH3, SH4 processors
  • Catalog #: 12412

Please Note: The website only handles small quantity pricing.

For OEM, Integrator & Reseller Pricing or EndUser Single or Enterprise Licensing
(including Keyless Image Ready Licensing and Programming Integration Support),

please call 800-889-0987 (+1 818-701-1579) or contact IMG Sales