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Product Information

My-T-Soft® for Android - Build-A-Board Run-time target

My-T-Soft® for Android is part of the My-T-Soft® Build-A-Board system. Android is a supported platform as part of the Build-A-Board Platform licensing. With requested features such as transparency, non-docked boards, drag & drop positioning, and the already standard features with the My-T-Soft Build-A-Board system including custom layouts, keystroke macros, images, all tied to the online-database of layouts with the ability to create and modify any keyboard layout, the Android platform will never be the same.

Sample Android Layout Sample Android Layout Sample Android Layout Sample Android Layout

My-T-Soft for Android addresses many needs and can give you what you want, when you want, where you want it! Improves productivity, saves time, reduces errors, and lowers training costs.

Get the My-T-Soft Advantage!

Sample Android Layout Sample Android Layout Sample Android Layout

  • Android installable apk file - Note: Security | Unknown Sources must be enabled
  • Build-A-Board Run-Time support for Android
  • Contact IMG for separate run-time licenses and other options.
My-T-Soft® is the premium onscreen keyboard utility for any computing platform. Clients can use the included templates or create their own custom layouts from within Build-A-Board and drop them into a Android based product to provide the on-screen keyboards and utilities that have been available previously only on other platforms.

IMG's Build-A-Board Keyboard Designer Tool provides a comprehensive environment for creating, modifying, and managing onscreen keyboards, buttons, and panels for the user interface, which can be used in the My-T-Soft family of products (My-T-Pen, My-T-Touch, My-T-Soft, My-T-Soft Terminal Services, and OnScreen with Word Completion) or it can generate it's own "lite" run-time targets for Windows, Windows CE / .NET / Mobile, Linux, Mac OS X, or UNIX.

The ultimate goal for Build-A-Board and IMG's My-T-Soft family of On-screen Keyboard Utilities is to provide a complete cross-platform, interactive user interface so that clients can develop their user interface at the lowest level of the operating system and deliver it across multiple platforms while maintaining visual and functional consistency. As operating systems and platforms come and go, preserving operational functionality becomes even more important to save time, improve productivity, maintain security, and lower training costs.

Looking for other platforms?

My-T-Soft for Windows
My-T-Soft for Linux
My-T-Soft for Mac OS X
My-T-Soft for Windows CE


Overview of features and capabilities in My-T-Soft for Android

My-T-Soft Operation Options

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Keyboard Layouts (Sets)
These are based on the installation and lists a named grouping of boards. Boards can open other boards with the "New Keyboard File Command" ([CMD:NKBF= ]), and several boards can loop through layouts or 2 boards can reference each other, etc. These Sets are then named and listed in a SETS.TXT file that lists the name and Start or Entry board. Once a set is selected, the appropriate board is selected as the new current layout.

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Keyboard Layouts (Boards)
This is a list of all available boards (in supported locations). Boards located in the /sdcard/Build-A-Board/BOARDS folder are indicated with the [My-T-Soft] tag. Installed boards (part of the installable .apk file) populate this folder at install, and any boards retrieved from your Account (Get My Boards) are placed here. Additional locations searched for (.KBF) files are: /sdcard and /sdcard/Build-A-Board. If boards (.KBF files) are found in additional locations, the path is indicated next to the board name.

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Get My Boards (
This option allows you to enter an e-mail / password for a Account (same as E-Mail/Password option in Licensing Information below). After you enter the e-mail/password, these will be saved locally, and then (internet access required) the Account will be accessed, and Boards tagged as favorites will be retrieved to the local device. If there is no account, a Free Account will be created, a 30 day evaluation license will be issued, and the device will be licensed. Since this is a new account, no favorite boards will be available. Log on to your new Free account to browse the database of boards, and select any boards to be favorites, then use this option. Once the system has a license, the account associated with this license will be used for obtaining boards from this option. If the Account/License or e-mail/password need to be changed, use the options in Licensing Information.

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Keyboard Display (Board Size vs. Screen)
These are various options how to handle boards not optimized for the current device/screen resolution. It is highly recommended to use Build-A-Board to optimize layouts for the device you are on, but because scaling can be helpful in various situations, these options are available and the specific logic works as follows:

Use Board Size: This will simply use the width/height as saved in the board - this can create boards where only portions of the layout are visible (board much larger than current display screen size)
Scale Down to Fit: This will only scale the board if the board size is larger than the current screen size. Width is checked first, then height. If width is larger, board will scale width/heighth to fit width, so height may still be larger than screen. This option will only scale down to fit screen if a board dimension is larger than the screen.
Scale Width to Screen: Board will scale up or down so width matches screen width - height will be proportional to board dimensions.
Scale Height to Screen: Board will scale up or down so height matches screen height - width will be proportional to board dimensions.
Scale Only Width to Screen: Board will scale up or down so width matches screen width - height will be board height.
Scale Only Height to Screen: Board will scale up or down so height matches screen height - width will be board height.
There is no option to scale to fill entire screen, as this is not ideal for a user interface (except for transparent/see through typing - for this, use Build-A-Board to optimize for device).

Scaling overrides, Run-Time Settings notes:
2 options can be added to the [Settings] section in the Run-Time Settings for a board: XOverride= and YOverride=, e.g.

See Build-A-Board Settings below for more details

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Keyboard Location
Use Board Position: This positions board at X/Y as saved in the .KBF file / with the Board
Bottom of Screen: This override positions bottom of board with bottom of screen / ignores saved board position
Top of Screen: This override positions top of board with top of screen / ignores saved board position

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Keyboard Moving
This option only applies to non-key portions of a board (i.e. Board Background)
Board Position Fixed (No Board Drag): This is default, My-T-Soft ignore touches/clicks on board background
Board Can Move (Do Not Save Location): This allows boards to move by touching/dragging board on non-key board background, and when opened again they will use default/saved location of board
Board Can Move / Save New Location: This allows boards to move by touching/dragging board on non-key board background, and after move is complete (touch released), current position will be saved in the board (in .KBF file), so when opened again board will be opened at last location
Note that KEYBOARD.KBF could be a copy of a named board, and depending on which board is in use, save will only save current / in-use / selected Board.
When using a touchscreen, the move feature can be sensitive to the current touch position being over the board vs. off-the board. It may be helpful to drag slowly, or use the opposite edge of the board from the direction you want to move (so as you move the board your finger stays over the board vs. moving off the edge of the board).

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Shift Lock
When Shift Lock is Enabled, a second press (when Shift is On) will lock the Shift-key state until the Shift key is pressed a third time - All shifted keys will remain shifted while Shift Lock is on. When Shift Lock is Disabled, a second press of the Shift key will revert to non-shift state, and a shifted key is used, the shifted state will end.

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Key Lock Indicator
This is used for the Shift Lock state - when enabled, a small green circle will be shown on the shift key when the shift lock is engaged. If disabled, no visual indicator will be used to show shift lock status.

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Key Click Sound
When enabled, My-T-Soft will use the system AudioManager to play key click sounds. When disabled, no key click sounds will be played.

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Preview Key Popup
This option let you choose which orientation to show the preview key popup - separate / larger window showing key being pressed. With ability to position board anywhere on the screen, it may not be ideal to show the popup window above the touch point, so you can select from the 4 positions - above/left/below/right, or no key preview. Note the key preview window will show the key and key label, not necessarily the rendered key.

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Revert to Default Layout on Long Key Press
This option when turned On enables a long-key press to trigger a Change Keyboard to KEYBOARD.KBF (Default Layout). This provides a mechanism to exit any board and return to the appropriate default layout. Note that KEYBOARD.KBF can be changed in the BOARDS folder to make any layout the Default Layout. When this option is on, it effectively stops repeatable keys like Delete/Backspace because holding down the key results in a Long Key Press. To disable this effect and this option, turn the switch Off.

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Use Barcode Scanner Interface
This option enables the Zebra DataWedge interface. By default, when installed on a compatible Zebra device, this will automatically be enabled. This switch must be on for the text interface between scanned data and the sending of text to the current input field (EditText/InputConnection). For devices that do not support the Zebra DataWedge feature, this setting will not matter whether on/off. It will not create a barcode scanner, it will not interface with anything other than the MyTSoft profile within the DataWedge utility. For more details on configuring your Zebra device, see bottom of this page.

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

My-T-Soft Log
This option enables the logging of startup, board configuration, and license information. When enabled, this will save mytsoft.log in the /sdcard/Build-A-Board folder. (This is a text file with the .log extension)

My-T-Soft Appearance Options

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Keyboard Background Color
The background color is the non-key board area that can take on one of the 4 options:
KeyBoard File (KBF): This uses the selected keyboard background from the board/Build-A-Board which could be a solid color or image
Black: This will paint the background/board color black
White: This will paint the background/board color white
Clear (Glass): This will use a clear / non-painted keyboard background color to allow seeing through the keyboard background. This option is useful for see through boards, as the clear (or piece of glass) is even easier to see through than a transparent white (or other color).

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Key Image
The Key Type HiRes for keys on a board will enable the use of these key images to fill the entire key. Select the desired color/shape and all HiRes type keys will have this image as the base key (overlaid by Key Label). The actual key image saved in Build-A-Board is not used, only the Key Image selections shown are available on the Android version. For Regular type keys, the Key Image selected here is not used, and all Build-A-Board key section colors are used, so different keys / different colors can be put on one board when the Regular Key Type is used.

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Key Text Color
The Key Text color is the color of the letter/label on a key and can take on one of the 3 options:
KeyBoard File (KBF): This uses the selected key text color from the key properties/Build-A-Board as saved with the key/board
Black: This will use black as the Key Text Color
White: This will use white as the Key Text Color
The Black and White options can help handle specific Key Images or make for a consistent look without having to modify existing boards.

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

This is a user selectable setting - the board is more transparent (see through) as the selector slides left - when fully to the right, the board is fully opaque (not transparent / not see through). The Transparency setting affects all aspects of the board - background/keys/key text. This is a global setting, not available per board - all boards will be shown with the set transparency.

Licensing Information

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

Click on License Information for even more details regarding the current license and operation

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

This option when set on enables the use of the My-T-Soft Password keyboard for use in entering e-mail/password, overriding current default keyboard layout. This can be helpful if custom layout in use doesn't give full text/character options. Also note that My-T-Soft must be the current keyboard selection for this option to operate.

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

E-mail/Password for Account
Enter your e-mail and password for your Account. The saved entries here are used with licensing and obtaining your boards with the Get My Boards option. If a different e-mail/account is needed, these items may be changed, but the System License may need to be updated (See System License Options below).

My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

System License Options
These options provide additional functionality with working with accounts and licenses.
Retrieve System License ( Account = This button will use the current e-mail/password and System ID to query the account, and obtain the System License based on the account/status of the system. If there is no account, a new Free account will be created, and an evaluation license will be retrieved. If there is an account, and the system has already been issued a license, the license will be retrieved. If there is an account, but the system has not been issued a license, if there are available licenses, a license will be generated and retrieved. Internet access on the device is required.
Go To Account = when selected, if there is a valid account for the e-mail and password, a browser will open and go to the account. Internet access on the device is required.
Reload System License = This option can be used if a license has been added manually or there is some need to refresh the System License.
Delete System License = This option will delete / remove the System License file from the system. This may be helpful if changing e-mail/password to a new account. This sets the system to its "original installation" state.
Dismiss (Cancel) = this option closes the System License Options buttons with no further action.


My-T-Soft Keyboard Settings

General information on the release. For best results, make sure version indicated here matches current release available on website (see Downloads tab).

Build-A-Board Settings

Scaling overrides, Run-Time Settings:
2 options can be added to the [Settings] section in the Run-Time Settings for a board: XOverride= and YOverride=, e.g.
These are the override options and how they are interpreted:
<stretch> = (X or Y) Stretch width or height independently (not proportional) to fill screen
<fit> = (X or Y) Stretch width or height to fill (proportional) screen
<left> = (X only) Position to left of screen
<right> = (X only) Position to right of screen
<top> = (Y only) Position to top of screen
<bottom> = (Y only) Position to bottom of screen
<center> = (X or Y) Position to center of screen based on board width/height

Macros, Run-Time Settings:
4 options can be added to the [Macros] section in the Run-Time Settings for a board: SwipeLeft, SwipeRight, SwipeUp, SwipeDown
For example, to have a swipe left / swipe right open a different keyboard layout, you can do something like this:

. . .
. . .

If there is no entry, the Swipe event is ignored, except for a swipe down - by default, this action (unless there is a SwipeDown override) will dismiss the keyboard (i.e. remove the board as active / visible). Note that the ONLY macro supported for the Swipe???? macros is the [CMD:NKBF=???.KBF] to open a different board.

There is support for the 3 macros in the [Macros] section, i.e. Macro1, Macro2, Macro3. The syntax can be seen in the example Panel layout - the Key Action is set as [CMD:MACRO=Macro1] (or [CMD:MACRO=Macro2], [CMD:MACRO=Macro3]). When this action is processed with a key press, the Macro1= entry is used as the text string to type, so full names, password, etc. can be "programmed" as a macro. Note in the Android platform, only text can be used, as these are not processed as separate Key Actions, but sent as text to the active input field.
So if this is in the Run-Time settings for the board:
Macro1=Welcome to My-T-Soft!

and when a key with the Key Action of [CMD:MACRO=Macro1] is pressed, the text typed will be: Welcome to My-T-Soft!

Zebra DataWedge Example

DataWedge Settings DataWedge Settings

This configuration/example assumes a configured Zebra device with their DataWedge tool.
This example walks through the configuration of associating an App with the MyTSoft profile, which will then be used to pass data from the barcode scanner (or other selected data input device) with the Zebra DataWedge Utility. The My-T-Soft for Android input method has a specific link via Android Intent to the MyTSoft profile that can be configured here. The MyTSoft profile is installed when My-T-Soft for Android is installed. The profile can also be found in the /sdcard/Build-A-Board/BOARDS folder as "dwprofile_MyTSoft.db"
This particular example uses the Email App - you will want to use the App or Apps that you want to scan data into while My-T-Soft is the current input method.
To begin, go into your devices Apps, and open the DataWedge utility - your display will show available profiles. Begin by selecting the MyTSoft profile.

DataWedge Settings

Then select the "Associated Apps"

DataWedge Settings

To Add the app you wish to send barcode scanned data to, click on the Menu button at the upper right.

DataWedge Settings

Then select New app/activity

DataWedge Settings

Now scroll through the available apps to find the app you wish to add. In our example, it is the app.

DataWedge Settings

When selecting specific activities, select the wild card (*) or specific activity if applicable.

DataWedge Settings

Now the Email App has been selected, and when the Email app is active / receiving input, a bar code scan will go through the DataWedge via the configured Intent (MyTSoft Profile) and if the "Use Barcode Scanner Interface" is enabled, the data will be sent by My-T-Soft to the selected input field

DataWedge Settings

If the automatic import does not work, or you need to create the Profile for My-T-Soft (profile named MyTSoft), the key information is in the Intent section as above:
In the Intent output section, select the Check box to have Enabled checked
For Intent action, enter: com.mytsoft.SCAN
For Intent category, enter: android.intent.category.DEFAULT
For Intent delivery, select: Broadcast intent

Notes: The Profile MUST be named MyTSoft
The Profile must be Enabled
For details on the default Profile and automatic creation of MyTSoft Profile, see notes in readme.txt text file on device in /sdcard/Build-A-Board/DataWedgeImport folder.


On-Screen keyboard software written as standard Android Input Method Service
  • Targets minimum Android SDK 22 (Lollipop 5.1)
  • Compatible with all supported Android devices
Flexible/modular design
  • Keyboard layouts as binary data files for minimal space requirements
  • Keyboards can be organized into Sets or selected individually
  • Optional defaults for different devices. For custom installs please contact IMG.
  • Custom views/colors/key images
  • User selectable transparency
  • Boards can be positioned anywhere as needed - via Build-A-Board, saved position, or move
  • Position overrides
  • Scaling options for different resolutions/devices
  • Optional Key Select Preview / positioning
  • Shift Lock / Shift Lock indicator
  • Optional Key Click
  • Cross Platform options with Build-A-Board
  • Access to online database at
  • Individual/Platform/Site/Enterprise license options
Extensive feature list
  • Unique and specialized features to address customer needs
  • Detailed help, documented options, on-line knowledgebase
  • Advanced Technical support, programming, and program level integration assistance available
Technical Notes
  • Key position/size tied to IMG's KeyBoard File (.KBF) files, not fixed row/column layout from generic Android samples
  • Uses System Fonts / labels sized to fit key
  • Scaling options address board display for non-resolution optimized boards. Customizing board for device/screen size highly recommended.

Technical Information

My-T-Soft for Android is the Android based run-time component from IMG's Build-A-Board. This is a custom Android input service method tool that provides enhancements and Build-A-Board integration to the existing Android Keyboard and Input options.

Install My-T-Soft on Android

Step 1: Ensure Unknown Sources is enabled

Ensure Unknown Sources is enabled - Settings | Security | Unknown Sources checked On

install-settings #1 image

Step 2: Install My-T-Soft onto your device

Download .apk file onto your device, and then install from Downloads folder using a File Manager (e.g. File Browser, Astro File Manager, etc.),
If USB connection in use, download to your computer, and use adb:
adb install my-t-soft_2_20_9.apk

Step 3: Enable/Set Default Input to My-T-Soft

Enable / Select My-T-Soft Keyboard - Settings | Language & Input

install-settings #2 image

Enable My-T-Soft Keyboard - Settings | Language & Input | My-T-Soft Keyboard checked On

install-settings #3 image

Change Default input method to be My-T-Soft - select Default

install-settings #4 image

Choose Input Method - select My-T-Soft Keyboard

install-settings #5 image

Verify My-T-Soft Keyboard Enabled and made Default/Current Keyboard - then have a lot of fun!

install-settings #6 image


My-T-Soft® for Android

Android Welcome board

My-T-Soft for Android Welcome board
  • Download My-T-Soft for Android my-t-soft_2_20_16.apk for Android 5.1 (Lollipop) & higher (minimum API 22) (7.0M) 6/25/2018 MD5: BFB3A0C9E57DD2A32D196DC82B17E657
  • Settings | Security | Unknown Sources must be checked On to allow installation
  • Install, then Settings | Language & Input | Select My-T-Soft and then Set as Default (Current Keyboard)
  • Settings | Language & Input | My-T-Soft Keyboard for display and operation settings
  • (Click on Features tab above for details on settings)

Additional Notes:

  • Release includes various generic boards to show off options.
  • Customized Install for certain Zebra Technologies devices. (Uses Datawedge Profile "MyTSoft" for scan data interface)
  • Please contact IMG for specific board needs.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with IMG's Accounts for easy updates / customized boards
  • Board positioning/scaling/moving options
  • Appearance options include transparency plus text/background overrides

For other platforms, click on the link below:

Click here to Download My-T-Soft for Windows
Click here to Download My-T-Soft for Linux
Click here to Download My-T-Soft for Mac OS X
Click here to Download My-T-Soft for Windows CE


My-T-Soft® for Android is currently available for individuals via an IMG Personal License Standard and as part of a Build-A-Board Platform License.

For Build-A-Board Platform pricing, please see the Order tab here: Build-A-Board Product information

IMG Personal License - Standard, your cost is only $19.95US

  • IMG Personal License (includes account)
  • Catalog #: 90002

Additional options will be available in the future. Please contact IMG for further information

Contact IMG for Multi-site, Enterprise, OEM inquiries, annual distribution license options, volume discounts, and run-time license information.