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Product Information

OnScreen with CrossScanner

Onscreen Keyboard with Single Switch Scanning

for Adaptive Computer Access Needs

CrossScanner joins the Assistive Technology version of IMG's OnScreen with Word Complete. RJ Cooper's Single-switch Windows control software has been fully integrated into IMG's OnScreen. This is a special version is designed for individuals that cannot use a mouse, trackball, or other type of pointing device, but can use a switch-based approach to operate their computer.

Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 is Now Available!

  (Versions for 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 also available)

OnScreen with CrossScanner is a highly sophisticated approach for operating a Windows based computer system. By using CrossScanner and a single-switch, any point on the screen can be selected, and any mouse type operation such as clicks, double-clicks, drag, or right-clicks can be accomplished with a few switch hits. Then, using OnScreen and its built in features such as WordComplete, text input can be sent to any program for creating documents, e-mails, or performing simple text entry tasks, all driven by CrossScanner and the single-switch interface.

Using OnScreen with CrossScanner, a switch user can do anything an average user using a physical keyboard and mouse can do, enabling users who would otherwise be restricted to closed or limited environments. This opens up the entire computing universe to a single switch user.

  • OnScreen is used by individuals who need an alternative to the physical keyboard, and need an on-screen keyboard as their primary text input device
  • CrossScanner allows a single switch to control Windows and all Applications.
  • For Commercial use, check out the Commercial Products Home Page
  • If you don't need a switch, refer to OnScreen with Word Complete
  • For Custom Keyboards & User Interfaces, see IMG's Build-A-Board System.
OnScreen with US Standard 101 Keyboard & WordComplete Action Panel
OnScreen with US Standard 101 Keyboard & WordComplete Action Panel

  • CrossScanner presents a LineScan (vertical scan) to scan down the screen, so the user can select the Y coordinate for their click, double-click, or drag operation.
  • The FingerScan (horizontal scan) then begins with the Icon Options available (selected by a switch hit), and then continues until the next switch hit, where the selected action occurs at the X/Y coordinate (e.g. double-click on an icon).
  • If there is no switch hit, the FingerScan (Optional) begins a reverse scan to allow a right-click action. Other options available based on user requirements.


  • Seamless operation from Mouse, Trackball, Touchscreen, Pen, or any other pointing device

  • Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 Compatible

  • Options for interfacing with specialty and assistive technology pointing devices

  • CrossScanner Support - includes tight integration with OnScreen and cooperative operational features

  • Key Magnifier option - 3 sizes available, enlarges key for easier identification

  • Key Highlight option - visual indication of key pointed to

  • AutoScroll - for larger sizes (larger than screen) automatic scroll into view

  • Scroll Control window for CrossScanner / Touchscreen users

  • TurnAway add-on for Head Mouse users

  • Text-To-Speech - audio feedback of key pointed to, with Repeat option

  • Text-To-Speech - Speak word typed upon WordCompletion

  • Text-To-Speech - Setup & Speak window - echo what has been typed

  • Word List options - Now supports whole sentences and spaces between words

  • Word List options - International Word lists

  • Word List options - Manage & Save Word Lists

  • Word List options - Read in and process external documents & files to add to current Word List

  • Keyboard Scanning - operate OnScreen entirely from a single switch (mouse button (left-click))

  • Keyboard Scanning - Complete customizable approach for panels, rows/columns, and keys

  • Workstation / Network Logon Options

  • Developer Tool Kit and Extensions

  • Developer examples of integrating into existing applications

  • Show & Hide Keys

  • Selectable Sizes

  • Realistic 3D graphics

  • Infinite Sizing

  • Support for Build-A-Board layouts - completely customizable user interface

  • 11 panels, individually selectable, or create your own with Build-A-Board

  • Great for editing - Quick & Easy!

  • Special Windows Short-cut Keyboard - Power Users Dream!

  • 101 & 104 key layouts

  • Multiple Keyboard Layouts with ABC Layout for Non-Typists

  • International support - numerous keyboard layouts from around the world

  • Create Macro Keys & Panels

  • Specific Key & Key Combination Enable / Disable

  • Attach Executable programs to Keys & Key Combos or Window Activation

  • Includes the Calculator with Calculator Tape & Send Feature

  • Time & Date Display

  • Memory, Disk Space, Resources status Display

  • Completely Configurable for all of your needs

  • Color-code Panels for easy identification

  • On-line Quick Help for First-Time Users

  • Minimizes to a Button for convenient access

  • Once you use it, you won't want to live without it!

  • Keyboard not required (Just Say No... to your Keyboard.)

  • End-user and Developer Support

Features in OnScreen with CrossScanner!

  • New Features
  • Support for Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
  • Workstation / Network Logon Options - Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
  • New configurable location options for users - private or shared
  • Even more layouts, now over 200 keyboards providing worldwide coverage
  • Ability to run Build-A-Board Custom Keyboards and Layouts
  • LetterAssist
  • Letters on keyboard integrated with WordComplete candidates
  • WC-Assist
  • WordComplete Assist - Shortcut options to WordComplete candidates for less mouse movement
  • Word Prediction
  • Word List Sort options
  • Word List Assistant
  • International Word Lists
  • Read in external files, add to user's Word Lists
  • Manage & save word lists
  • Visual Enhancements
  • Zoom Key - Magnify key pointed at, 3 sizes
  • Highlight key - invert key pointed at for additional feedback, visual enhancement
  • Infinite sizes - for high resolution displays
  • 3D keys
  • Autoscroll options
  • automatic scroll into view with mouse
  • Scroll Control window for CrossScanner / Touchscreen users
  • Transparency in Windows
  • Sounds

  • Text-To-Speech
    • Audio feedback of key pointed to
    • Repeat option
    • Speak word typed (upon Word Completion)
    • Setup & Speak
      • Select Voice & rate of speech
      • Type text and Speak what has been typed
      • Keyboards
        • Ability to remap keys & key functions
        • Font selection
      • Add-ons
        • Turnaway - for head mouse users
        • Windows logon module (option to display keyboard at logon)
      • Existing Key Features in OnScreen
        • Basic & Advanced modes of operation
        • Adaptive Word Prediction / Word Completion with user editable word lists
        • Helpful options - automatic u after Q, auto capitalize I, auto capitalization & spacing after punctuations, suffixes, etc.
        • Automatic Arrange & screen positioning of windows for ideal usage of screen real-estate
        • Keystroke dwell capability
        • Programmable keystroke macros
        • Windows control panel
        • Audio feedback

      Word Prediction, Adaptive Word Completion

      With the WordComplete / Action panel open, as you begin to type, a frequency sorted list of words is presented to the user. If more letters are typed, the choices reflect the new list of candidates. A single click of the word will complete the word in the document or e-mail being typed into. Undo becomes available, and the word's frequency count is incremented. If a new word is typed, the word is added into the user's Word Lists. Auto-spacing, auto-capitalization, suffixes, and other WordComplete features can greatly increase the typing speed and accuracy of the user!

      CrossScanner - A comprehensive single switch approach to Windows operation

      With over 14 years of development & user feedback, CrossScanner contains a wealth of features and options to address actual user's needs! Mouse, Keyboard, and Joystick input options allow just about every switch interface to integrate with CrossScanner. Features like acceleration through the IconWindow, toggle FingerScan direction, Speed controls, Scan Area settings, Active Window Scan, and numerous other options provide a simple and/or sophisticated approach to controlling all aspects of Windows via just a single switch. CrossScanner was created by RJ Cooper, and is developed and maintained by IMG. CrossScanner is available through IMG under license agreement.

      Over 200 "Heads-Up Display" Keyboards in 12 base sizes and infinitely larger sizes

      ABCD Alphabetical, QWERTY, 3 DVORAK's, and International (German, Spanish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, etc.) with Edit and Numeric panels.

      Minimize Keystrokes, Mouse Clicks and Menu Selections

      Store up to 2000 keystrokes/menu selections (or the applications macro scripts) on each button. Up to 15 buttons can be grouped on individual Panels, which auto-open when their assigned application becomes active.

      • OnScreen Windows Control Panel 1 & Web Macro Panel Open
      OnScreen Windows Control Panel 1 & Web Macro Panel Open

      Assignable Functions for Pointing Device Buttons

      Assign any of 63 different functions to each button. Popular keys such as Shift, Esc, Enter, Ins, Ctrl, etc, can be assigned at anytime

      Pop-Up Calculator with pop-up Tape and Send Function

      A standard 4 function calculator with memory, that always stays on top, has its own pop-up Tape and Send function that places the display information right into your current document or field.

      OnScreen has over 150 functions on 11 sliding panels in 12 base screen sizes with infinite larger sizes. Any panel grouping can be selected at any time. It remains active as a Button on the active application.

      CrossScanner has a comprehensive Setup application to provide control of all features & options.


On-Screen keyboard software written as standard Windows application
  • Compatible with all properly written Windows applications
  • Developed in C/C++ - written at same level as Windows operating system for maximum capabilities
  • Accesses Windows API via standard interfaces/System DLLs - No frameworks or special environment required
  • Support for all Windows variations since Windows 3.0, including Windows CE
  • Field proven technology since 1993
CrossScanner provides full pointing device capabilities via a single-switch
  • Single Switch drives LineScan, FingerScan, mouse action
  • Mouse actions include single click, double click, drag, right click, chord options
  • Input from all standard switches - also supports mouse, keyboard, and joystick input
  • Setup controls Scan speed, display, acceleration, alternating start direction, etc.
Keyboard designed so pointing device can fully operate Windows
  • Keyboard layouts as binary data files for minimal space requirements
  • Fully emulates 101/104 physical keyboard
  • 11 individually selectable panels, including Alpha keyboard, Edit, and Numeric keypad
  • 12 base sizes, infinite larger sizes
  • Over 200 US, international, and variation layouts
  • Supports IMG's Build-A-Board Layouts
User, developer, and integrator command and control options
  • Provides ability for user to operate without need for physical keyboard
  • Operator mode for secure application integration
  • Developer's Kit (SDK) for controlling and manipulating keyboard
Modular support options/capabilities
  • Sounds
  • Transparency
  • Windows logon options
  • External Support utilities (Developer's Kit)
Operational customization options
  • Show/Hide keys to remove potentially undesirable keys/options (Alt, Control, Function keys, etc.)
  • Key options to remap/modify key actions
  • Macro panels for arbitrary/lengthy keyboard actions
Visual customization options
  • Custom views/colors/key images
  • Supports themes for visual integration
  • Integrates with IMG's Build-A-Board for complete customization capabilities
Extensive feature list
  • Unique and specialized features to address customer needs
  • Detailed help, documented options, on-line knowledgebase
  • Advanced Technical support, programming, and program level integration assistance available

Technical Information

OnScreen with CrossScanner is a standard Windows Application and does not require any special drivers, and should work with all pointing device (mouse, touchscreen, pen, HID, etc.) interfaces, along with keyboard and mouse emulation drivers that are compatible with the ones that ship with Microsoft Windows.

There are countless of configuration options, settings, and special features available that have been added by customer requests since the original product release in 1994. Refer to the User's Guide for release specific technical notes, product options, and complete documentation.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)

Order - OnScreen with CrossScanner

OnScreen with CrossScanner - Suggested Retail Price is US $299.95.

  • Supports: Windows 7 Vista / XP / 2000
  • Catalog #: 11121

Upgrade to OnScreen with CrossScanner from any previous release.

  • Supports: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
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