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My-T-Soft Basic Files & File Notes & Installation Information

My-T-Soft Basic Files & File Notes

Files located in the \Program Files\My-T-Soft Basic Installation Directory:

The following files are REQUIRED for proper operation of

My-T-Soft Basic:

- MYTSOFT.EXE - My-T-Soft Basic executable

- MYTSOFT.asInvoker.EXE - The My-T-Soft Basic executable (asInvoker)

- MYTSOFT.highestAvailable.EXE - The My-T-Soft Basic executable (highestAvailable)

- MYTSOFT.requireAdministrator.EXE - The My-T-Soft Basic executable (requireAdministrator)

- MYTSOFT.noManifest.EXE - The My-T-Soft Basic executable (noManifest)

- MACROBAT.EXE - Macro Batch server, virtual input support executable

- GDIKIT.DLL - Dynamic Link Library for Windows graphics

- IMGVERS.DLL - IMG Dynamic Link Library

- HELP\*.html, HELP\IMAGES\*.png - My-T-Soft Basic Help

- LICENSE.EXE - IMG License Manager

- README.TXT - Product Installation text file

- MANIFEST.TXT - Reference File from Build

- IMGUTIL.EXE - used for installation and uninstallation of software

- ADDISPLAY.DLL - Dynamic Link Library for advertisement display

- CLOCKDISPLAY.DLL - Dynamic Link Library for Time, Clock/Date display

- FREEBOARD.DLL - Dynamic Link Library for FreeBoard animation

- UNZIP32S.DLL - Dynamic Link Library for installation and updates

Other Files:

- CTALTDEL.EXE - Windows Interface Utility for MTS_SELECT.KBF (Note 1)

- CLOSEMTS.EXE - Developer's Kit Utility to close My-T-Soft (Note 2)

- KBFEDIT.EXE - Utility to edit KeyBoard Files (KBFs) (Note 3)

- MTSDOCK.EXE - Utility to dock My-T-Soft (Note 4)

- MTSSTART.EXE - Utility that runs when My-T-Soft Starts (Note 5)

- MTSEND.EXE - Utility that runs when My-T-Soft Ends (Note 5)

- EDITSYNC.EXE - Utility to sync to input text caret (Note 6)

- ESLIB.DLL - Dynamic Link Library for EditSync

- TYPEFILE.EXE - Utility to initiate macros externally (Note 7)

Other Folders:

- ADS - This is an advertisement folder holding Bitmap images, a configuration file (ADS.TXT), and a ad authorization file (ADSAUTH.TXT)

- MANAGER\ESTABLISH.EXE - this is a post installation utility that establishes or updates the IMG Download Manager and IMG License Manager files as outlined below.

Located in \Program Files\Common Files\Innovation Management Group\Download Manager directory:

- IMGCLEAN.EXE - used to complete uninstall of software, required for Control Panel Add/Remove Programs

- IMGDLM.EXE - The IMG Download Manager - Installed by MANAGER\ESTABLISH.EXE

- IMGDLMLS.EXE - The IMG Data Manager - Installed by MANAGER\ESTABLISH.EXE

- IMGNET.DLL - The IMG Download Manager Library - Installed by MANAGER\ESTABLISH.EXE

Located in \Program Files\Common Files\Innovation Management Group\License Manager directory:

- LICENSE.DLL - library used by the IMG License Manager and IMG Download Manager

- LICENSE.LIC - System License file (downloaded/not part of install)

Note 1: CTALTDEL.EXE is the Ctrl-Alt-Delete utility from My-T-Soft Professional that allows a user to log off Windows, shutdown Windows, restart, or view the Task manager. It is tied into the MTS_SELECT.KBF to offer the functionality and to show off running an external executable from a button.

Note 2: CLOSEMTS.EXE is from the IMG Developer's Kit and when run, will Close My-T-Soft - there are numerous other utilities, include Move, Minimize/Open, etc. for use when integrating My-T-Soft.

Note 3: KBFEDIT.EXE is a utility that can quickly edit the MYTSOFT.INI embedded in a KBF (KeyBoard File). Other options include changing the startup X/Y position of the Board, selecting current Keyboard Macro File (i.e. which language is in use), and showing embedded files in the KBF.

Note 4: MTSDOCK.EXE is a custom Utility to dock My-T-Soft using the AppBar interface. Refer to the IMG Developer's Kit for more details. This specific build was customized for a customer, and may be useful as is, but also expects fixed size boards to match screen resolution.

Note 5: MTSSTART.EXE, MTSEND.EXE are startup/shutdown utilities that are launched when My-T-Soft starts. As placeholders, these just play wave files. They can safely be deleted if the sounds are not desired. Note that these can be replaced with other executables to perform different tasks as relevant to startup/shutdown (file names must match these placeholders).

Note 6: EDITSYNC.EXE is a utility to sync to input text caret, ESLIB.DLL is the Dynamic Link Library for EditSync. Due to system interaction, it is recommended only for specific usage scenarios.

Note 7: TYPEFILE.EXE is an external utility to initiate macros or execute a macro contained in a file. My-T-Soft Basic must be running for this to operate, and it is intended to be run as a Key Action e.g. [CMD:EXEC=TYPEFILE.EXE SOMEFILE.KMF]. Note SOMEFILE.KMF must be a UNICODE encoded file.

Special use executables: Included in the installation folder are five executables for My-T-Soft Basic - MYTSOFT.exe, MYTSOFT.asInvoker.exe, MYTSOFT.highestAvailable.exe, MYTSOFT.noManifest.exe, and MYTSOFT.requireAdministrator.exe. Depending on the configuration of User Account Control (UAC) and the specific needs of an individual user, there can be situations where one of the optional executables may be more appropriate. If necessary, rename MYTSOFT.exe to MYTSOFT.original.exe, then rename the desired optional executable to MYTSOFT.exe. These contain requested execution levels in the manifest for handling by the system. Due to User Interface Privilege Isolation (UIPI) concerns, these will allow operation for different applications and special usage situations. For example, if a application is elevated to Administrator, My-T-Soft Basic may not operate as desired if running as the default "asInvoker" execution level. By using the "highestAvailable" or "requireAdministrator" executables, My-T-Soft Basic will be elevated when the process is started.

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