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The Magnifier Complete List of Shortcut Keys

Table 3-1. Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference

Left Double-Click Go to Full ScreenAlt-1 1X magnificationAlt-A Alternate (Vista Only*[1])Alt-Up Arrow Cursor Up
Left Click & Hold Drag lockAlt-2 2X magnificationAlt-C Show / Hide CursorAlt-Down Arrow Cursor Down
Left Click Release drag lockAlt-3 3X magnificationAlt-D Default sizeAlt-Left Arrow Cursor Left
Right Click Open MenuAlt-4 4X magnificationAlt-G Presentation ModeAlt-Right Arrow Cursor Right
 Alt-5 5X magnificationAlt-I Invert ColorsCtrl-Up Arrow Pan Up
Edit KeysAlt-6 6X magnificationAlt-J Toggle Text trackingCtrl-Down Arrow Pan Down
Alt-Home Window LeftAlt-7 7X magnificationAlt-K This List (Shortcut keys)Ctrl-Left Arrow Pan Left
Alt-Delete Window LeftAlt-8 8X magnificationAlt-L Lock PositionCtrl-Right Arrow Pan Right
Alt-End Window RightAlt-9 9X magnificationAlt-M Magnification dialogUp Arrow Top border up
Alt-PgUp Window UpAlt--(_) Decrease magnification -0.1Alt-N Cursor LinesDown Arrow Bottom border down
Alt-PgDn Window DownAlt-=(+) Increase magnification +0.1Alt-O Follows cursor toggleLeft Arrow Left border left
 Alt-,(comma) Decrease magnification -0.1Alt-Q Exit & SaveRight Arrow Right border right
 Alt-.(period) Increase magnification +0.1Alt-R Lens View ToggleShift-Up Arrow Bottom border up
  Alt-S Show & Hide toggleShift-Down Arrow Top border down
  Alt-T TransparencyShift-Left Arrow Right border left
  Alt-V Full Display toggleShift-Right Arrow Left border right
  Alt-Z Full Screen toggle 

The Most Useful Keyboard shortcuts, along with Other Useful Keyboard shortcuts is followed by the Complete List of Keyboard shortcuts. For a list categorized by function, see Shortcut Keys by Function.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For consistency, throughout this document, all shortcut keys will be represented as their default setting, e.g. Alt-[Key]. You can change the Alt key modifier to Alt-Shift or Ctrl-Shift in the Advanced Menu | Keyboard Shortcuts... This affects all Alt keyboard shortcuts listed below EXCEPT the Alt+Arrow key panning functions.

Useful Mouse Operations

Most Useful Keyboard shortcuts

Other Useful Keyboard shortcuts

Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Keys

Edit Keys

Arrow Keys

Note: The Arrow Key combinations remain the same whether the Alt, Alt-Shift, or Ctrl-Shift modifier is in use (i.e. Alt-Up Arrow will always perform the same operation regardless of which modifier combination is in use).

Note: The Alt-Arrow keys moves the mouse cursor to change the magnification point. This is for fine-tuning or zeroing in on a specific point, especially when the magnification is rather large. Also note there is an accessibility feature to control the mouse cursor from the Numeric keypad (MouseKeys). Also note that these Alt keys are not controlled by the Keyboard Shortcuts setting in The Magnifier

Note: The Alt-Left Arrow and Alt-Right Arrow keys are shortcuts to move Forward and Backward in popular web browsers, and this will cause conflicts using these from The Magnifier (since the page you are viewing will change).

Note: The Ctrl-Arrow keys change the magnification point internally, so when the Control key is released, the magnification point will return to the mouse cursor position (snaps back). This is an alternate approach to pan or scroll the magnification without affecting anything else in the system but what is shown in The Magnifier's display.

Note: The Arrow keys can size & position The Magnifier window. You must click on and give the keyboard focus to The Magnifier for these keys to operate. These only work in the Window mode of operation.

Note 1 (Vista Only): In Windows Vista, Microsoft has created a magnification interface that creates a useful mechanism for doing the screen magnification while in Vista. Depending on your system configuration, video adapter, video adapter driver, monitor resolution, and display settings, this magnification may not render. In all cases, it is recommended you update your system or drivers to enable Vista to work correctly. When the magnification subsystem is not operating in Vista, The Magnifier's background window will be visible, and text will be displayed outlining the option of using an alternate magnification scheme (accessible using Alt-A). This is provided only as an alternate, failsafe type magnification option for users of The Magnifier. Refer to Advanced Notes regarding the Alternate Magnification in Vista.

Note 2 - Keyboard Focus & The Magnifier: Because The Magnifier is a user-interface enhancement, and operates alongside the user's normal use of basic programs and applications, the user will most often have the keyboard focus everywhere but The Magnifier. Because customers asked for a way to control & modify The Magnifier while working within Windows, The Magnifier must monitor the keyboard independently of the normal way programs work within Windows (i.e. where only the program with keystroke focus sees/reacts to the keyboard). This all works wonderfully, and makes everyone happy, up until there is a conflict between a keystroke combination The Magnifier reacts to, and when that particular keystroke combination is used within the program the user is currently working with. In some cases, the problem may only be a minor annoyance - at other times, it may be a serious impediment. If there is a serious conflict, then selecting one of alternate shortcut modifiers is the best option (and will reduce the possibility of a conflict). You can choose from the Alt key, the Alt+Shift keys, or Control+Shift key modifiers.

Note 3 - Operation Notes: When multiple magnifiers are running, some of the keyboard shortcuts will affect ALL magnifiers running. In some cases, using the menu options when multiple magnifiers are running may be more effective (e.g. positioning, setting features, etc.).

Note 4 - Advanced Notes: The keyboard shortcuts are implemented in 2 distinct ways. 1 approach uses 3 sets of Keyboard Accelerators (for Alt, Alt-Shift, and Ctrl-Shift), that are used when The Magnifier has the keyboard focus. The other is a keyboard monitoring approach (using the GetAsyncKeyState Windows API) for the combination key and the shortcut key. The sizing options using the arrow keys (and shift-arrow keys) are only implemented as keyboard accelerators (requiring focus to be on The Magnifier).

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