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OnScreen with CrossScanner Frequently Asked Questions

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Why the name change from My-T-Soft AT to OnScreen?

OnScreen was formerly known to IMG customers as My-T-Soft AT (the AT (Assistive Technology) member of the My-T-Soft family of on-screen keyboards). RJ Cooper called his version of My-T-Soft AT "OnScreen." RJ Cooper has been instrumental in directing IMG as to what features & capabilities Assistive Technology users require (along with his WordComplete functions), and to reduce confusion between these 2 products (and with our commercial products), the single name "OnScreen" will now be used by IMG for the Assistive Technology version of the My-T-Soft on-screen keyboards.

What is OnScreen?

OnScreen is a powerful new version of My-T-Mouse (IMG's original Onscreen Keyboard utilities introduced in 1993) with the additional features most often requested by the Assistive Technology community.

OnScreen is actually a series of 11 panels (over 125 functions) that can be opened and closed to provide access to various features and functions including: Over 45 US and International Onscreen Keyboards, 2 pre-defined Windows (most often used functions) panels, programmable unlimited Macro Button panels (each panel can be assigned to "auto open" with any application), Edit panel, Numeric panel, Calculator panel with "popup" calculator Tape, Verbal (voice confirmation) Key Feedback, a 2x-10x Area Magnifier (magnifies any area of the screen without additional hardware or enlarging fonts), Show & Hide Keys (turn on/off keys to minimize access and reduce confusion), Smart Window (automatically re-positions keyboards, panels or magnifier off of the area in use), Key Dwell Timer (automatically selects a key under the cursor), and an integral Word Completion / Prediction program (with editable dictionary). Keyboards, Buttons, and Panels can be set to any of 12 base sizes with infinitely larger sizes and can be color coded by the user.

What is CrossScanner?

CrossScanner is RJ Cooper's solution for individuals who cannot operate a standard mouse or trackball, but are capable of operating a single-switch. CrossScanner uses an X scan (LineScan) with a Y scan (FingerScan) to select any point on the screen - choices of Click, Double-Click, Drag, etc. are available to completely operate any Windows application. All development of CrossScanner is handled by IMG, and under license, we are able to provide IMG's OnScreen with CrossScanner.

Can I get CrossScanner without OnScreen?

Not from IMG - IMG is only licensed to sell CrossScanner with OnScreen. Since most users of CrossScanner will have the need to enter text from time to time, having OnScreen available will be very useful.

What kind of computer will OnScreen with CrossScanner run on?

Any PC Compatible computer capable of running Windows.

What operating system do I need?

Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP

What kind of software will OnScreen with CrossScanner work with?

Any software that runs under Windows (and most DOS programs that can be run in a Windows DOS Shell environment).

How can OnScreen with CrossScanner work with all pointing devices and applications?

OnScreen is written at the same level as the Windows operating system. That means it runs above the pointing device and graphics drivers (it lets the device drivers do their job without creating conflicts) and runs below Windows so it doesn't compete with other applications. Unlike keys, buttons and panels created in Visual Basic, or onscreen keyboard and key panel applications that are sensitive to changes in pointing device / graphic card drivers or applications that make low level Windows calls, OnScreen is reliable and robust. That's why IMG is the only producer of onscreen keyboards and macro buttons/panels whose products are recommended or offered by major pointing device manufacturers worldwide.

What resolution will OnScreen work in?

It can run in any VGA (or higher) resolution, from tiny handheld LCD's to giant video Whiteboards.

Why are there only 5 Word Completion candidates? Why not more?

In general, the human mind does not grasp large numbers of items well. In human development studies, and actual experiments, the average human can quickly identify & conceptualize about 7 items. If more items are presented, it gets categorized as simply "a lot", or "many", rather than distinct items. Because of the frequency sorting, and "drill-down" selection of word candidates, 5 choices worked out best in the tradeoff between available word completion candidates, speed of typing, and finding the actual word that was desired (without pushing the maximum of 7). Note that if a large number of words are presented, the user is forced to read & recognize each word until they are find what they want - in WordComplete simply typing the next letter is quicker & more effective!

OnScreen does not do a Ctrl-Alt-Del! Why & what options do I have?

The Ctrl-Alt-Del used in PCs is a system level hardware signal - it is impossible to generate this without hardware. OnScreen includes a CTALTDEL.EXE program with capabilities of handling resets and communication with the NT/2000/XP Logon module. You may also review the commercial Developer's Kit in our Developer's Corner for utilities that restart / reboot the system. Finally, review the TASKMAN.EXE program in the WINDOWS folder - this has functionality similar to the pop-up task manager in Windows 95/98.

How do I know OnScreen with CrossScanner will work for me?

Download our demo. IMG's demos are actually full working copies of the product. The demo has a built in timer that shuts down the program in about an hour without saving any settings (you can restart it by double-clicking on the program's Icon).

What about technical support and program updates?

Unlike shareware based or grant funded products, which cannot provide sufficient income to maintain a full-time company with adequate test and support capabilities (because the developer is holding down a full-time job, or the grant period ends), IMG has been providing onscreen keyboards and pointing device utilities since 1993. A large part of our business is in developing utilities that are ultimately bundled by pointing devices manufacturers under their own name. With international distribution on every continent, IMG's products are used by consumers, corporations, commercial and industrial manufacturers, educational institutions, and government agencies worldwide. This means quality products, with quality support, and timely updates.

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