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My-T-Soft Developer's Kit for Windows Overview


TYPE: Utilities / Stand-alone Executable with Source



IDE: Microsoft Visual C++ 6

64-bit IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

Utilities for implementing My-T-Soft within application development environments (Microsoft Access, Borland Delphi, Visual Basic, and other visual application design environments)

My-T-Soft is used as a generic term for My-T-Touch, My-T-Pen, My-T-Soft, or private label versions of IMG's My-T-Soft family.


Each utility comes with a C source module, a Resource Script (RC), and a Module Definition file (DEF).

The pre-compiled executables can be integrated into any environment that can launch (i.e. shell, spawn, WinExec, CreateProcess, etc.) an EXE executable program. Use a windowed command prompt (MS-DOS prompt/CMD/Command) to manually work with these executables.

These utilities were developed in response to customer suggestions, wants, needs, and by reviewing the capabilities of various high-end application development tools. The executable approach allows use of Shell, WinExec, CreateProcess, or other API (Application Programming Interface) calls common to any robust environment. The inclusion of the source code allows easy integration into applications developed closer to the Windows API. The instructional information is also useful in allowing developers to create functional applications quickly.

The order of the utilities is in the order they were created.

Be sure to read the Hints & Comments for Developers, or in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

There are various utilities. Some pair up as opposites, some are more powerful than others. Be sure to read through the following details to gain a good understanding of the ability of these tools to assist you in your development efforts. Please feel free to contact us with other ideas or needs.

Version Release Notes

The 1.90 release adds 64-bit versions, and a complete solution with all utilities based in Visual Studio 2013. There are pre-built EXEs that have been code-signed (both 32-bit/64-bit), as well as built with different manifests to address permissions, security-levels, and User Account Control.

The 1.77 release updates CONFGMTS to handle All panels, including the tool bar panel. MOVEWMTS now opens a minimized My-T-Soft before executing move. A new utility called TRIGGER waits on a window to disappear before triggering a command.

The 1.72 updates FWCTLMTS and CPYCNMTS to only use Microsoft Win32 APIs for file manipulation. The 1.71 version was quality tested under Win98, but these same (Visual C++ Version 6, SP3) compiled EXE files did not operate properly under NT/2000/XP. 1.72 adds WaitRun, WCRemap, and updates MTSStart & Open_MTS.

The 1.71 release is compiled for Win32 - the #define MYTWIN32 is added in the MYTSOFT.H, and each C source file uses this to build the appropriate target. The 1.71 also includes the MTSDLL Dynamic Link Library with examples for close integration with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) - see the VBASIC projects, or the MDB in MTSDLL for coding samples.

The 1.70 release adds the StartUp as minimized utility. This resolves taskbar icon artifacts in Win 95/98 when opened for logon, along with minimizing to an icon. (NOTE: In the 1.70 release of My-T-Soft, the StartupInfo properties are referenced, and the shortcut can be set to Open as a minimized window - the button will be used) Also note that Size 12 is a virtual barrier for re-sizing on the fly from the larger sizes (i.e. greather than size 12) to the smaller sizes (i.e. 12 or less). Do not cross this barrier one way or the other without first establishing a painted keyboard at size 12. The larger sizes are all keyed off of the dimensions of size 12, so corruption of the valid KBF file is possible (probable!) if crossing size 12!

The 1.50 release adds the FindWindow & Control My-T-Soft that allows the toggling of the window off-screen, and on-the-fly configuration when called up by the user. Goes well with the Control My-T-Soft button utility (also included). The MoveWindow (MOVEWMTS) utility changes a parameter for cleaner operation with the My-T-Soft 1.50 release.

The 1.40 Release adds the Send String through My-T-Soft, but this is only fully functional in Version 1.52 of My-T-Touch / My-T-Pen.

The 1.30 release combines the previous My-T-Soft, My-T-Touch, and My-T-Pen utility kits. This was done to allow addition of customized versions, and to allow developers to extend the capabilities of the executables to other windows in the system. My-T-Soft is used throughout, but please note that the appropriate product name (window name) must be in the FindMyTSoft function provided internally in the source code.


The source code & derived executable are provided at no cost as useful & instructional materials to developers & system integrators incorporating IMG software. Because no licensing fee has been tendered, there is no technical support offered for this software, source code, or its capabilities to solve a particular problem.

Support info:

These codes indicate which utility is available for which platforms

My-T-Soft 1.x = My-T-Soft / My-T-Touch / My-T-Pen versions prior to 2.00

- In DEVKIT folder

My-T-Soft 2.x = My-T-Soft versions for Build-A-Board - In DEVKIT2 folder

My-T-Soft CE = My-T-Soft versions for Windows CE - In DEVKITCE folder, in processor sub-folder

Developers Kit Utilities & Quick Description>

Close My-T-Soft Window

This sends the WM_CLOSE Window Message to shut down the software

Show window options for My-T-Soft

Example of using ShowWindow API call

Minimize My-T-Soft to Icon, Button, or Tray icon

Based on minimize settings (Setup | Configuration), minimizes window

Open My-T-Soft from minimized state

Restores to open window from minimized state

Move My-T-Soft Window

Position window at X/Y location

Set Cursor Position for My-T-Soft

Uses SetCursorPos API to move mouse cursor

Configure My-T-Soft Panels & Size

Open/close panels, and resizes from command line

Configure My-T-Soft on the fly (from pre-existing configurations)

Restores saved files for immediate configuration changes

Toggle My-T-Soft off-screen or on-screen in specified configuration

One command to move off-screen, or restore from file based on position

Send String (type) through My-T-Soft

Externally (programmatically) send keystrokes through My-T-Soft

Save Position of My-T-Soft

Saves current position to KEYBOARD.KBF

Save Settings of My-T-Soft

Saves panels/size configuration to KEYBOARD.KBF

Restore Position of My-T-Soft

Restores saved X/Y location from KEYBOARD.KBF

Restore Settings of My-T-Soft

Restores panels/size from KEYBOARD.KBF

My-T-Soft Startup Options

Manipulating My-T-Soft at Startup example

Wait and then Run Program/Utility

Utility to delay execution of another program

Wait and then Close Window Utility

Utility to close an arbitrary window

Trigger - Wait while Window, then Run utility

Utility to monitor a window, then run a command if window closes

WordComplete Remapping Utility (OnScreen only)

Trigger WordComplete selections in an alternate way

My-T-Soft Startup as Icon

Another Startup Utility example

What I really want (My-T-Soft 1.x)

Overview of how to work on-the-fly changes

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