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Overview of Developer's Kit

My-T-Soft Developer utilities (Developer's Kit)

In addition to the many programmable functions and features already found in OnScreen, My-T-Mouse, My-T-Pen, My-T-Soft, and My-T-Touch, IMG has had numerous requests for a way to control its programs externally without a lot of programming expertise. The Developer's Kit includes features & programs requested by our customers.

These files have been created by our programmers for calling My-T-Pen, My-T-Soft, & My-T-Touch keyboards, numeric, calculator, and programmable macro panels from within application development environments such as Access, ActiveX, Delphi, HTML, Intellution, Java, LabView, Oracle, RSView32, Visual Basic, Wonderware, or other high level development application design tools. They do not require knowledge of, or the use of Windows Messaging.

Each executable also comes with the C source module, a Resource Script (RC), and a Definition file (DEF) for programmers who wish to modify or customize functions. They are easily compiled into their executable form by anyone familiar with Visual C++, C++ Builder, or any other standard C compiler with Windows support.

These utilities were developed in response to customer suggestions, wants, needs, and by reviewing the capabilities of various high-end application development tools. The executable approach allows use of Shell, WinExec, or other API (Application Programming Interface) calls common to any robust environment. The inclusion of the source code allows easy integration into applications developed closer to the Windows API. The instructional information is also useful in allowing developers to create functional applications quickly.

There are numerous different utilities in the Developer's Kit. They are available on the web or included in both licensed and demo versions of My-T-Pen, My-T-Touch, and My-T-Soft. Some pair up as opposites, some are more powerful than others. Be sure to read the details outlined in the appropriate Kit to gain a solid understanding of the ability of these tools to assist you in your efforts. Please feel free to contact us with other ideas or needs.

EXECUTABLE FUNCTION DESCRIPTIONS (see Developer's Kit Documentation for additional features)

Open / Close - Keyboard, Panel, or Component

Show / Hide - Keyboard, Panel, or Component

Minimize / Maximize - Keyboard, Panel, or Component

Move - (to x: y: co-ordinates) - Keyboard, Panel, or Component

Get Position - Retrieves current position (x: y:) of Keyboard or Generic Window

MouseClick Utilities - generate hardware mouse click or double-click

SetCursor - Moves cursor to x: y: co-ordinates

Configure (close or open keyboard, edit, numeric, calculator, macro, windows, or tool panel(s) and choose size)

Copy and Configure (store multiple configurations and call up a specific configuration)

Save Position / Save Settings & Restore Position / Restore Settings

Button Utility - place up to 4 buttons floating on the caption bar to let users launch different configurations

Control Panel Logos - templates for building custom logos to cover and lock-out the IMG Control Panel

Toggle - move off-screen if on-screen and toggle / reconfigure panels off-screen if on-screen

SendString - send keystrokes or string of keystrokes (used for programming keys)

KeyWatch - This is a "debugging" program for monitoring keystrokes - works with all input methods

KeyboardSync - When multiple keyboard layouts are loaded, synchronizes displayed layout to current selection.

WaitRun - This allows you to insert a 1-30 second delay prior to executing the specified program/utility.

WCRemap - WordComplete Remap (for OnScreen only) Allows external triggering of WordComplete buttons.


The source code & derived executable are provided at no cost as useful & instructional materials to developers & system integrators incorporating IMG software. Because no licensing fee has been tendered, there is no technical support offered for this software, source code, or its capabilities to solve a particular problem.

Visual Basic Forms / Developer's Kit DLL / MS Access Example

Sample Visual Basic forms are included for developers familiar with Microsoft Visual Basic. Code is included that interfaces with a Dynamic Link Library (DLL [Source included!]) that includes all of the Developer's Kit functionality accessible as function calls in C / Visual Basic, or any other high-level development environment that can interface with a standard DLL. A sample Microsoft Access 97 application is included with source to show how to integrate the DLL into Access, and some useful functions are implemented to illustrate "on-demand" display.

When run in Visual Basic (VB), the presented form (window) illustrates the power of the Developer's Kit by calling out to My-T-Soft / My-T-Pen / My-T-Touch in an easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) button driven application. Examples of Opening / Closing / Minimizing / Moving / Saving & Restoring: Settings & Position / Sending Characters through My-T-Soft / are shown, along with showing on-the-fly configuration from both pre-defined layouts to programmable selections. The Visual Basic form includes the source for integrating the DLL directly into VB (which can be referenced for integration into other environments). Written in VB 4 for maximum compatibility.


A sample Edit COM Control with source code & detailed instructions for building is included with the Developer's Kit. The example shows how to create an edit COM control (which can be integrated into any environment capable of working with COM controls). The new edit control automatically positions the keyboard at the desired location when the control receives the keyboard (input) focus, and removes the keyboard from the screen when it loses the input focus.

Logon Utilities

These files have been created by our programmers in response to the requests of customers & systems integrators. Each has a different function. Some are provided as stand-alone executable files (EXE). Although primarily meant for the Window NT platform, being standard Win32 32-bit windows Applications, the Reboot, Restart, Shutdown, and NT (Logoff) Logon will also operate in the Windows 95/98/Me environments.

Ctrl/Alt/Del Workstation/Desktop Logon

The feature permits a user to unlock the Ctrl/Alt/Del logon with a single touch on any pen or touchscreen, launching the workstation's logon window and a My-T-Soft Onscreen Keyboard. All three entry fields (User, Password, Domain) are accessible. Multi-user and domain logons are supported. The default user and domain is preserved.

Auto Logon

Utility used to enable the Auto Admin Logon capability already built in to Windows. Provides a front end user interface to allow enable or disable the capability, and to enter the user name and password of the user that will auto logon to the workstation when Windows starts up.

Reboot - Shuts down the PC, and restarts the computer (Cold-Boot)

Restart - Restarts Windows (Warm-Boot)

Shutdown - Shuts down Windows (Power-off if supported by hardware)

(Logoff) Logon - Shuts down Windows and logs on as another user


Contains pre-built utility EXEs that can externally communicate and control Joystick-To-Mouse.

The Magnifier

Contains a DLL with source that can externally communicate and control The Magnifier, along with a C based command line utility that links to the DLL, and Visual Basic integration example.

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