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IMG is pleased to announce that My-T-Soft® 1.90 Release 5 is now available

The My-T-Soft® 1.90 Release 5 adds a few new important features, addresses the Windows 11 roll-out, as well as providing a maintenance release.

The IMG license manager includes support for Account based licenses and now provides a mechanism to enter license credentials prior to license authentication, which creates additional license flexibility when deploying My-T-Soft on Windows platforms. Utilizing an ACCOUNT.TXT file, license credentials can be added to a system without the need for human interaction. With the AUTOLICENSE option, a license can be retrieved from the account using the embedded license credentials, so a system can be licensed without the need for human interaction. This provides a seamless way to deploy or configure a system via script, where installation and licensing can be performed automatically, resulting in a clean and easy way to roll out multiple systems.

In addition to the new features, all known issues have been addressed as part of this maintenance update

For those new to My-T-Soft, and for a full breakdown of all the details of the 1.90 release, please see the original notes from the original release: IMG is pleased to announce that My-T-Soft® 1.90 is now available

In addition to the software release, the IMG Developer's Kit 1.90 is now available publicly for the first time. This includes various updates, and 64-bit builds with code-signed executables of the critical Developer Kit utilities. While previously available to IMG customers, this is now publicly available in the Developer's Corner. For developers and integrators, it provides a wealth of possible solutions to the user interface needs of sophisticated systems. By integrating a flexible on-screen keyboard solution (driven by an application's (or user's) needs), a comprehensive, secure user interface can be built.

To review, work with, or check out the My-T-Soft 1.90 release, you can download it here

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