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IMG is pleased to announce that My-T-Soft® 1.90 is now available

The My-T-Soft® 1.90 release is an important milestone in the life of the product - it merges both the established 1.xx software with the new Build-A-Board based software, supports multiple versions of Windows that IMG's customers are using (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & Windows 10), has both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, ties into an automated update system, ties into the online database of layouts, and includes all requested features & capabilities.

My-T-Soft traces its lineage back to the original My-T-Mouse release of 1993, and continues to be developed and improved, with added features & capabilities requested by customers and users. The 1.90 is a major step because it incorporates the 1.xx branch of the software and the 2.xx next generation branch (see Build-A-Board and My-T-Soft Basic) that easily blends custom layouts with the preset layouts that are part of the 1.xx software.

Where previous versions supported the 2.10 style layouts from Build-A-Board, the new release of My-T-Soft 1.90 now supports the current 2.20 style layouts, which feature full Unicode support, key style themes, external DLL integration options, and optional layout selection.

The license manager also includes support for new Account based licenses. Where a IMG Personal License-Basic is sufficient for a My-T-Soft Basic install, the IMG Personal License-Standard is available for personal use of the full My-T-Soft 1.90.

For those technically inclined, here are key items that this release incorporates.

  • All code has been moved into the same Visual Studio environment for easy targeting of 32-bit and 64-bit builds for Windows targets.
  • Embedded manifests has support for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Build-A-Board 2.xx run-time software is same as My-T-Soft Basic release, and supports layouts in the Public Documents Build-A-Board Boards folder, along with ability to tie to accounts and favorite boards
  • The IMG Smart Download software is 32-bit (so it can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit windows), but can sense a 64-bit system, and will pull down and start the installation of the 64-bit My-T-Soft build.
The included Build-A-Board run-time My-T-Soft 2.30 software includes these features:
  • Key Action/Label abstraction allows operation with version 1.xx Keyboard Macro Files - allows for quick change of language/layout/operation
  • Key image selection - layout appearance can be changed at will within Build-A-Board
  • Region (display) support - arbitrary shapes possible, along with rounded edges or split layouts
  • Integrated board selection tool
  • Get My Boards command and selection option
  • Embedded Macro support
  • KBF Editor (KeyBoard File) included for field editable options
  • TypeFile tool included for external macro support
  • Arbitrary Startup / Shutdown executable support
  • Cursor / Move / Menu options (per board)
  • Key Zoom (Key Echo feedback window) options
  • Parallax settings
  • Key Block timeout settings
  • Support for external DLL display

As a release for existing customers, this provides a bridge between the older software and the next generation. With the full capabilities of both code bases, and multiple Windows versions support, it makes sense as an upgrade, or the next step for new systems. By also bringing in all the capabilities of the Build-A-Board run-time, it adds a great deal of functionality within the main product, vs. the choice between 2 possible solutions, as was previously the case.

For developers and integrators, it provides a wealth of possible solutions to the user interface needs of sophisticated systems. By integrating a flexible on-screen keyboard solution (not tied into the fixed/limited options of the Windows based option), a comprehensive, secure user interface can be built.

For those not familiar with the depth & power of My-T-Soft, this provides a comprehensive solution all in one package.

To review, work with, or check out the My-T-Soft 1.90 release, you can download it here

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