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Time display adds new capabilities to Build-A-Board Windows run-time

As an update for current customers, IMG has added an updating key label capability which allows a clock face, a time, or a date display on a key, updating based on the current system time. The external interface opens up other possibilities beyond just a time display, once again only limited by the needs and requirements of our customers. For example, other system status information, local, external, or remote data can be displayed to provide additional information to the user via a key or label. Another step along the roadmap, this capability is now available for this specific use. The implementation is very straightforward - an external DLL is used, and specified with simply syntax as the Key Label. Unlike a normal "static" display or state based display on a typical keyboard, this approach allows dynamic updates based on external events. In the provided update, there are 3 options available: a clock face, a text based time display, and text based date display. Various display options are available for these options via an Initialization (INI) settings file. For further information, the update is available here: Knowledgebase Item PU2011120670

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