Use Right out of the Box or Build Your Own!

200+ "Heads-Up Display" Infinitely Sizeable On screen Keyboards

Russian on screen keyboard Layout in size 8

ABCD Alphabetical, QWERTY, 3 DVORAK's, and over 200 International layouts [Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew,
Russian (shown right in size 8), Greek, etc.] with Edit and Numeric panels.

Minimize Keystrokes, Mouse Clicks and Menu Selections thru panels

3D on screen keyboard Macro Panel in size 9 Flat Standard Macro Panel in size 7 with custom color 3D on screen keyboard Windows Panel in size 7 with custom color Flat Standard Windows Panel

Macro Panels can store up to 2000 keystrokes/menu selections (or application executables or macro scripts) on each button.
Up to 15 buttons can be grouped on a Panel, which can be set to auto-open when the assigned application becomes active.
An infinite number of panels can be nested and called from other panels or IMG's SDK Developers Integration Kit.

Shown Left (far): My-T-Soft with standard Macro panel.
Shown Left (near): My-T-Soft with a Macro panel, customized color option.
Shown Right (near): My-T-Soft with standard Windows panel.
Shown Right (far): My-T-Soft with Windows panel, customized color option

Pop-up Calculator

Assignable on screen Functions for Pointing Device Buttons

Assign any of 63 different functions to each button. Popular keys such as Shift, Esc, Enter, Ins, Ctrl, etc, can be assigned at anytime

Pop-Up on screen Calculator with pop-up Tape and Send Function

A standard 4 function calculator with memory, that always stays on top, has its own pop-up Tape and Send function that places the display information right into your current document or field.

My-T-Soft on screen keyboard with Magnifier Open

Built in Magnifier

If necessary, a built-in Magnifier panel can display a magnified view of the current area (mouse cursor as center).

An On screen Keyboard that's Developer friendly

Show & Hide keys, program keys in Key Options, Custom logo display, Operator mode, on-demand functionality. The Developer's Kit comes with all kinds of utilities, source code, sample code, and a wealth of information for integrating My-T-Soft with your own application.

My-T-Soft on screen keyboard with hidden keys and custom logo

My-T-Soft On screen keyboard with Show & Hide keys and custom logo over tool bar.

Customized on screen Colors

Num Pad in size 10 with custom colors
My-T-Soft on screen keyboard with control panel open

From Left: Num Keypad with custom colored text, My-T-Soft on screen keyboard with custom colored background and control panel open. Color Support includes: Button text, Button face, Button highlight, Button shadow, and Keyboard background.

Want Customized Painting?

Use My-T-Soft with the Developers Kit! My-T-Soft 104 on screen keyboard with Edit using Customized Painting

(Using the Developer's Kit with 1.78 Release 3 or newer - with My-T-Pen, Soft, or Touch, you can modify the default key background, paint the key background, and paint the key labels. By using internal key values & keyboard info, you can do small scale modifications, or large scale modifications to the visual display of the on screen keyboard!)

Build-A-Board Virtual keyboard and keypad Samples

IMG's latest release of My-T-Soft, My-T-Pen, and My-T-Touch allows you to use custom on screen keyboard layouts created with IMG's Build-A-Board Virtual Keyboard Designer.

Build-A-Board Function Keys

Build-A-Board Panel
Build-A-Board Welcome

Build-A-Board Numpad

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