Product Information

My-T-Pen® Industrial Keyboards

for Military Grade Tablets & Ruggedized Tablet Computers

My-T-Pen is designed for use in military grade tablets & ruggedized tablet computer applications such as field services, fork-lift terminals, and medical, mobile, & military vehicle mounted systems. It's the same software as My-T-Soft (but Ruggedized, Miltary, & Mobile Tablet OEM manufacturers prefer the name My-T-Pen).

For Windows 8 / 8.1 please see our My-T-Soft On-screen Keyboard Utilities

For Terminal Server / Terminal Services, see My-T-Soft Terminal Server

For Windows CE, Linux, or other O/S's, see the My-T-Soft Build-A-Board System

For Custom and POS Keyboards, see Build-A-Board Keyboard Designer

For Assistive Technology users and people with special needs, see OnScreen

My-T-Pen provides a natural, intuitive extension to the pen based interface. My-T-Pen provides on-screen keyboard emulation that works with ANY Windows program. Ideal for network logons, security passwords, ID authentication, quantity entry, notes, name entry, and a variety of other custom application uses with pen or touch based systems. So, it is only logical that it be widely used in military grade tablets, ruggedized tablets, and rugged mobile computers.

My-T-Pen is a Windows on screen keyboard software program that provides a powerful interface through a pen based pointing device by providing a keyboard on screen, user programmable macros, and complete control over all computer functions.

By allowing systems to operate without the need for a physical keyboard, external templates, membranes, or buttons, My-T-Pen can provide the finishing touch on sealed systems that only requires the pen-based interface for user input.

My-T-Pen uses a concept found in fighter planes, helicopters, tanks, and automobiles. That concept is called "Heads Up Display" technology and its principal objective is to keep the users focus and concentration centered in one place. My-T-Pen uses that concept to reduce the visual re-focusing and re-positioning, caused by the heads up and down motion of going from on screen to keyboard to screen, and the resulting confusion it causes.

New features in Version 1.80
  • Support for Windows 8 / 8.1 (32 & 64 bit).
  • Start Screen support, plus direct to Desktop (Boot-to-Desktop), open minimized, etc.
  • Standardized to My-T-Soft On-screen Keyboard Utilities

  • New features in Version 1.79
  • Support for Windows 7 / Vista (32 & 64 bit). Ver 1.78 supports 2k / XP.
  • Version match to My-T-Touch and My-T-Soft
  • Workstation / Network Logon Options - Windows 7/Vista.
  • Even more layouts. Over 200 on screen keyboards provide worldwide coverage.
  • Integrated support for Build-A-Board custom virtual keyboard layouts.
  • New configurable location options for users - private or shared.
  • More Integrator options.
  • Developer Kit add-ons - integrate DLLs with My-T-Pen, Logging capabilities.
  • Configuration save options - after move, after change, at close, end of session.
  • Numerous customer requested enhancements & updates.