Technical Information

provides a Builder tool which is a standard Windows Application, that is used as a development environment for laying out one or more boards with any number of keys. Each project/custom board can be targeted towards any supported platform (platform license may be required). Each supported platform provides target specific run-time files or target-based install package.

was designed from the ground-up to be a cross-platform, multiple target custom keyboard design tool. The Builder is the developer front-end that can manipulate keyboard layouts, look, and features. The Run-Time Targets are the actual software (Program) that runs on a target system to display and operate the keyboard layout (Data). Due to the various nature and aspects of the different run-time operating systems and environments, there are features and capabilities that may not translate from one system to another. Also, with over 15 years of providing keyboard solutions, and a half-dozen keyboard file data formats, there are also other constraints that may affect a particular target.

The actual code-base for the run-time targets is a combination of target specific code, shared core keyboard software code, and shared lower-level abstracted operating system API code. Because the foundation was designed to be cross-platform, and extensible, the ability to run the same keyboard layout (Data) on multiple run-time targets (Programs) is the expected operation.

is the result of constant input and feedback from customers, integrators, developers, and OEMs on what a flexible on-screen keyboard/user interface tool needs to do. Engineered using a disciplined/modular/cross-platform approach, is the professional's choice for any serious customer or enterprise based deployment.