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The Magnifier support - software vs. hardware

Below is from a recent case regarding The Magnifier. Due to the nature of the software, reliance on the underlying magnification API, and the need for the system's physical video throughput to sustain and keep up with constant visual updates, sometimes the software simply can't perform on a lower-end system. Because the underlying problem is hardware based, there is nothing we can do from a support standpoint. We do have this tech link that outlines some issues and possible solutions for an existing system, sometimes the only solution is to upgrade the video capabilities. This case outlines how the problem with The Magnifier was resolved.

Windows 10 - 32 bit - Intel Q35 display adapter

Case open Message:

Screen flashes when the magnifier is set to full screen. When the Intel Q35 display adapter is disabled The Magnifier works as it should but there is screen distortion because of resolution issues without the functioning Intel Q35 adapter. I don't think The Magnifier is compatible with the Intel Q35 display adapter on a 32 bit system. I purchased license but not happy with the functioning of the product. Screen flicker on full screen very distracting. Is there any way to fix this issue? Please advise.

IMG Response:

What you are describing has to do with the video driver or capabilities of your video subsystem. This tech item provides some options - depending on settings, the amount of video memory used (& system speed/video throughput) can be drastically different. Also actual video driver.


Do you think an upgrade video graphics card would help?

IMG Response:

Yes, almost without a doubt. Almost every issue with the Magnifier has to do with video throughput. Although there are various factors, comparing video memory on the video card is a pretty good gauge to how powerful it is. If this is a motherboard based video, most of these systems are aimed at office use, not super strong with video capabilities.


Yes, this is an onboard Dell Optiplex 755 motherboard based video system. I'll try installing an upgrade video graphics card. I've already tried an NVIDIA graphics card and it stopped the flickering problem but was incompatible with the operating system in other regards and I'm sending it back. Next I'll try A Dell based graphics card designed for the Optiplex 755 operating system. Thanks for your time and trouble. My mother is practically blind from retinal issues at 94 and likes using The Magnifier to see email and internet. I've disabled the onboard Intel graphics device and The Magnifier works as it should but having issues with screen resolution elsewhere. Need to install a graphic card that works.

IMG Response:

Thanks for understanding the situation. We sometimes have people that want the software to solve a hardware problem. It is appreciated that you grasp the real issue.


Just to let you know. I installed an upgrade video graphics card and The Magnifier now works perfectly. I purchased an ATI Radeon HD 2400 Full Profile Graphics Adapter card on eBay. Works good on Dell Optiplex 755 32 bit computer. All is well. Thanks for your help.

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