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My-T-Soft for Android 10 - 2.20.208 Release

The latest update of My-T-Soft for Android is now available. Due to changes in security and modifications to the Input Method Manager / Input Method Service in the Android 10 release, a targeted release once again made the most sense.

Security changes regarding shared storage and local storage access (used for custom keyboard layouts, settings, etc.) required specific changes to operate on Android 10. Also, there were specific changes to the Input Method Manager and Input Method Service (which My-T-Soft uses as an alternate Input Method), and older release code was no longer compatible with the privileged operations necessary to operate on Android 10. Due to these issues and lack of backwards compatibility (or potential different issues) in handling a multiple API targeted release, an API 29 only release was chosen. Without getting into the technical aspects, it is important to note that the security and architectural changes were not unknown when Android development began, so it is a bit disconcerting that these changes were implemented after such a long release history. It is also relevant to note that because My-T-Soft interacts as an Input Method Service, this change would not affect normal/user level apps, because this was specific to the type of interface that an on-screen keyboard requires in Android.

With the code rework and specific changes for Android 10 all "behind the scenes", this release is essentially the same as previous releases. The one minor feature added was an ability to set the Default Keyboard layout via the Keyboard Layouts (Boards), so that once a board is selected, you can select the Set Default Layout to copy the currently selected layout to KEYBOARD.KBF (so this will be the default/first opened layout). In previous releases, this was best handled by integrating with your Account, manually handling when your device was connected to a laptop or desktop, or manipulating via a Files app. Now this can be managed within the My-T-Soft Settings directly.

For those not yet familiar with My-T-Soft for Android, key features include the ability to customize layouts with IMG's Build-A-Board, tie layouts together into sets, position layouts anywhere on the screen, and customize key actions with keystroke macros and internal commands (Launch Apps, Open New Keyboard File, etc.). The software installs as another input method, and can be swapped in & out with other methods. My-T-Soft for Android can tie into accounts at, so favorite boards can be quickly brought onto any device, and provides access to the ever growing online database of onscreen keyboard layouts. Because layouts are customizable, key sizes are flexible, and both text and images can be used on keys, the possibilities for optimizing the user input interface are endless.

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