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Chesapeake Public Schools standardize on IMG's The Magnifier

The Chesapeake Public School District in the state of Virginia has standardized on Innovation Management Groups' The Magnifier software program for all of its Windows based computers. It has purchased a District wide Enterprise License along with Annual Maintenance, which provides continuous updates and upgrades, allowing the district to roll the software out on its different Windows platforms and support new versions of Window based computers as they are purchased.

IMG's The Magnifier is the first truly affordable, full screen, magnifier for computers. It has been in use with low vision individuals for over 10 years. With recent updates to the software based on input from its user base of individuals, educators, and librarians, IMG has seen a marked increase in interest from school and library districts eager to make the software available to all of its constituents.

A major new feature of The Magnifier is a simple to use Menu Toolbar and "You Are Here" window that gives the user a few simple button choices and shows where the cursor is on the screen regardless of the scale of magnification. One of the button choices zero's out magnification so traditional users can work on the computer without ending the program. The next low vision user just sets their magnification needs and continues to work.

This new set of features has been embraced by schools and libraries because it virtually eliminates questions and support requirements from new or unsavy computer users while providing just the right amount of magnification each individual needs.

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