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Innovation Management Group and Aveva re-affirm long-term partnership
Life is change, and some exciting things are happening with Aveva. My-T-Soft has been included with WonderWare offerings since 2005, and IMG has seen Invensys transition to Schneider Electric and now to Aveva. With this transition, IMG was asked to update its partnership. Also, in coordination with Aveva's new partner exchange, My-T-Soft and Build-A-Board are now featured on the exchange as a way to educate and reach Aveva customers in other industries and expand awareness of the unique and useful capabilities of IMG's interface software.

About IMG

Since 1995, Innovation Management Group has been the primary supplier of onscreen keyboard user interfaces and designer utilities to major corporations, manufacturers, integrators, and users worldwide. IMG's products run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on some of the most secure, advanced, and critical systems in the world.

The My-T-Soft® Family along with IMG's Build-A-Board Keyboard Designer offers a consistent cross-platform onscreen user interface that is fully customizable and programmable for various hardware / software platforms. It allows customers to control user input in any field or any application and maintain a higher level of security than with a traditional physical keyboard or membrane panel. The My-T-Soft product family is ideal for use in environments such as automation, field service, food and beverage, instrumentation, in-vehicle, kiosk, laboratory, logistic, medical, military, mobile, pharmaceutical, ruggedized, utility, warehousing, whiteboard, or other extremely clean, dirty, or hazardous interactive user environment.

About Aveva

AVEVA creates industrial software that inspires people to shape the future. They believe industry advancement should enhance the human experience. They harness the power of our ecosystem by working together to bring bold ideas to life. They build leading solutions across the asset and operations lifecycles that turn opportunity into business value, evolving the industries that power our world. They discover new ways to empower people and industries, enabling the success of our customers and the prosperity of communities.

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