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Porto Itapoa in Brazil purchases Build-A-Board Platform License

Porto Itapoa has purchased a Platform License to deploy My-T-Soft Keyboard software on Windows 10 tablets. Working with custom layouts to optimize the tablets for their needs, using a Platform license for Build-A-Board enables a simplified approach to deploying custom layouts. The My-T-Soft Build-A-Board system ensures consistent operator interfaces, reduces or removes training costs, eases deployment, saves time, and improves productivity.

About Innovation Management Group

Since 1995, Innovation Management Group has been the primary supplier of onscreen keyboard user interfaces and designer utilities to major corporations, manufacturers, integrators, and users worldwide. IMG's products run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on some of the most secure, advanced, and critical systems in the world.

The My-T-Soft® Family along with IMG's Build-A-Board Keyboard Designer offers a consistent cross-platform onscreen user interface that is fully customizable and programmable for various hardware / software platforms. It allows customers to control user input in any field or any application and maintain a higher level of security than with a traditional physical keyboard or membrane panel. The My-T-Soft product family is ideal for use in environments such as automation, field service, food and beverage, instrumentation, in-vehicle, kiosk, laboratory, logistic, medical, military, mobile, pharmaceutical, ruggedized, utility, warehousing, whiteboard, or other extremely clean, dirty, or hazardous interactive user environment.

About Porto ItapoŠ

Porto ItapoŠ began operations in June 2011 Ė one of the fastest and most efficient in Latin America and one of the largest and most important in the country for moving containerized cargo. Privately run, the Terminal boasts infrastructure able to handle 1.2 million TEUs per year and is nearing the final phase of its expansion project, which will increase its capacity to 2 million TEUs per year. Porto ItapoŠ is positioned among the most productive regions in Brazil, with importers and exporters from the most diverse business segments. With its calm and deep waters, the bay is ideal for receiving large-scale vessels Ė an increasingly adopted trend in global shipping. It is one of the most modern terminals in the world.

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