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My-T-Soft for Android

IMG is pleased to present My-T-Soft for Android, the newest platform for IMG's Build-A-Board keyboard designer. Working in conjunction with a large OEM customer and identifying shortcomings in available Android keyboards, along with a list of desired capabilities, IMG has developed, and now publicly released the Android target for custom Build-A-Board layouts.

Key features include the ability to customize layouts with IMG's Build-A-Board, tie layouts together into sets, position layouts anywhere on the screen, and customize key actions with keystroke macros and internal commands (Launch Apps, Open New Keyboard File, etc.). The software installs as another input method, and can be swapped in & out with other methods. My-T-Soft for Android can tie into accounts at, so favorite boards can be quickly brought onto any device, and provides access to the ever growing online database of onscreen keyboard layouts. Because layouts are customizable, key sizes are flexible, and both text and images can be used on keys, the possibilities for optimizing the user input interface are endless. In order to address different devices and different screen resolutions and the fact that layouts may not be optimized for a particular device, various scaling options and board positioning options were added. While it is recommended that boards be optimized for devices, the reality is that boards may be dropped onto a device from who knows where, so the ability to scale and fit boards is a useful capability.

In addition to flexible positioning from within Build-A-Board, and various device & board overrides, there is also an optional ability to drag & drop a layout where desired, and the new location can be saved (or not). Basics such as configurable shift-lock/indicators, and key click sounds are included, along with an optional revert to default layout on long key press. The key zoom or preview capability is included (separate magnified key being pressed) and also configurable to above/below/left/right, as now that layouts can be anywhere, the actual direction of where best to see the magnified key is no longer just in one place.

There are also several appearance options and overrides that provide additional capabilities. The keyboard background can come from the KeyBoard File (KBF / Board data), can be made black, white, or clear (glass). The clear option can be used to create a floating key effect, and also helpful if transparency is being used. The actual key image (or look & feel of the keys) has many user selectable options which can override keys that have the HiRes key type. There is also full support for the Regular keys in terms of face/text/highlight/shadow options, and keys can be mixed on boards (this is a per key setting). The actual Key Text color can also be selected from the KBF / Board setting to Black or White. Finally, the ability to select a transparency level is done via a slide bar where the user can dial up and down how opaque or how transparent you want the boards to be. This enables a full screen layout where you can see through and type using the whole screen, while still seeing your text input. This helps with various devices, and can solve input/fat-finger issues. Note that a board can be optimized to leave space in the keys where the actual text will go, so keys will not occlude the underlying text input field.

My-T-Soft for Android is part of the IMG Build-A-Board system as a new target, which is added to existing targets for Windows, Windows CE, Linux, and Max OS X, all with access to the growing online database of layouts. Basic licensing is available per device, and as a Platform in the Build-A-Board system with options for site, company, and enterprise licensing.

Because of the flexibility of being able to design the keyboard, or choose from an existing layout and modify as needed, the application is only limited by your needs and imagination. Now Android users can Get the My-T-Soft Advantage! What you want, when you want, where you want it! Improves productivity, saves time, reduces errors, and lowers training costs. Android users - Welcome to My-T-Soft!

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