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My-T-Soft® for Linux 2.20 Release 5 now available

A maintenance update to My-T-Soft for the Linux platform (Build-A-Board run-time for Linux 32-bit and 64-bit) is now available and will be rolled into the next release of Build-A-Board. A large government contractor ran into issues while testing for an upcoming release, and although the specific issue could not be replicated in house, a code review and other stress tests found a mechanism where unsupported characters could be introduced into a keystroke macro, and could cause the macrobat (Macro Batch processor) process to terminate (which then caused typing problems, and other operational issues). By working with the customer's results and in-house testing, a more robust error checking and invalid character stripping was added, producing the update. From the code review & inspection of the actual C library function call used as part of the interprocess communication, multiple "post" events before macrobat processed the queue could result in a line-feed character as a separator, which then caused the issue (which was created in-house by using typefile/playmacro with various files/input data). As part of the review, it was determined that timing issues due to system speed, other processes running, input caching, or possibly other system delays could result in the interprocess queue growing without immediate macrobat processing, and then (possibly system / version related) the line-feed character would have been introduced (which caused the improper handling in the previous version of macrobat). The update was tested extensively by the customer and IMG, and after passing all tests, the update release was made available. Better support for the Allow User to Move / Access Menu options set in Build-A-Board was also added. The update is available here: My-T-Soft for Linux

The My-T-Soft® and Build-A-Board software provides customizable on-screen keyboard, buttons, and panels for use across numerous platforms, enabling a consistent user interface along with more control, security, and flexibility than system based on-screen keyboards.

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