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Enabling tools... Real world story of IMG's technology
OnScreen is the Assistive Technology version in the My-T-Soft® Family of on-screen virtual keyboards.

What this means is there are numerous specialty add-ons suggested by end-users, schools, therapists, and assistive technology specialists. In practice, it makes the onscreen keyboard the primary text input tool for users that cannot use a standard mouse or physical keyboard.

In the upcoming 1.79, and automatic highlight/speak feature was requested by an occupational therapist working with an OnScreen user. Here is the story:

The subject has cerebral palsy and has just started high school. I started working with him as a toddler, but of course he was not toddling around. He had a beautiful smile and we started working to get him to use his hands to play. Unfortunately he had very little success doing this and so when we came across the program CrossScanner, he was able to independently access a computer. WOW!!! (CrossScanner (designed by RJ Cooper, developed by IMG) is a user access tool created so a single switch can completely control all functions on a PC)
He now can whip through his computer to find the weather, play his favorite music, do research for school projects, and send e-mails to friends and family. He has plans to go to college and establish a company with his father to design software. When he recently received a new powered wheelchair with the capability of adding a mouse mover unit he and his family went for it, and now he has successfully learned how to use it. So that is why we are so excited that when using OnScreen with the WordComplete option with the mouse mover, there is now a way for the words to be read automatically (he also has some visual limitations and so is more of an auditory "reader" and that is why having the words read outloud automatically is very important for him). Everyone is amazed and so grateful, and I do think this will be quite a plus for other OnScreen users.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

The features, options, and depth of the My-T-Soft® family of software is sometimes lost when quickly categorizing it as an onscreen keyboard. Luckily our customers and people who use it everyday are well aware of its capabilities.

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