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Keeping your Annual fees paid is a great idea (& can make employees happy)

In 2010, Dendreon Corporation (a biotechnology company) purchased a small Enterprise license for My-T-Soft and has kept the license in force each year by paying the Annual Maintenance fee. So when the IT manager at a second location called to inquire about pricing, it did not take too long to determine the relationship and that the location was covered by the existing license. The upgrade to a newer release was also covered by the maintenance arrangement, and suddenly the IT manager's budget was not going to be impacted at all. So instead of a purchase request and the whole purchasing process, the IT Manager could simply download the license and deploy as needed in his location. So the purchasing agent or software license manager at the head office deserves thanks (& maybe even lunch) for their foresight and commitment to IMG's technology - what started as a tedious task for the IT manager turned into a simple download with no additional effort needed. That is what "having your back" is all about.

A different situation arose when a Clever Devices employee (provider of innovative technology solutions for all modes of public transportation) was doing testing and development on a Windows Server platform. Since 2012, Clever Devices has had an Annual Distribution agreement with IMG, and the license they had was for deployment on stand-alone systems. After determining their agreement was in force, IMG was able to quickly release a Server license so their developer could continue testing on the Server platform. Once again showing that these reasonable annual fees provide value so when the need arises, a quick & easy solution is readily available.

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