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Cooper Tire & Rubber Company enters into IMG Technology License Agreement
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has entered into a company-wide IMG Technology License Agreement that provides access to all products and versions of IMG software. Cooper Tire has been using My-T-Soft Onscreen Keyboard software for over 10 years, and sought a direct relationship with IMG to ease logistics as they support and maintain legacy equipment, work with different hardware vendors, and establish a technology roadmap into the future.

The IMG Technology License provides companies with a comprehensive licensing solution that allows continued operation of installed software, easily accommodates hardware and operating system upgrades, assists with large-scale and new technology deployments, simplifies installation and restoration efforts, and provides access to high-level technical and programming support when needed. With full access to all IMG software, every situation from full roll-outs to individual users can be optimized by using the most appropriate solution, all without having to deal with specific license issues, purchases, or upgrades. This simplifies many use cases and extends utility of existing hardware, addresses the needs of large enterprises running various platforms, and reduces efforts required to manage the realities of today's technology landscape.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is a leading global competitor in the tire industry, with manufacturing facilities on three continents and meets the demands of the world's most dynamic markets.

Innovation Management Group is the primary supplier of onscreen keyboard user interfaces and designer utilities for major automation, handheld, instrumentation, in-vehicle, kiosk, pen, rugged, tablet, touchscreen, ultra mobile, vehicle mount, voting, wearable, and whiteboard systems manufacturers, integrators, and users worlwide. IMG's products run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on some of the most secure, advanced, and critical systems in the world.

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