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Global leader enters OEM Distribution Agreement with IMG for My-T-Soft 1.90

IMG in coordination with a major global technology leader has targeted the next major release of the My-T-Soft software to meet their requirements. Working with specific technical needs, and addressing the next steps on the technology roadmap for My-T-Soft (native 64-bit operation, integration with online database of keyboard layouts, targeting multiple versions of Windows, etc., etc.) IMG has privately released My-T-Soft 1.90 for the OEM for use on a full-featured super-rugged system for indoor and outdoor environments. Due to limitations imposed by the agreement, IMG cannot disclose more details regarding this customer.

The My-T-Soft® Family along with IMG's Build-A-Board Key panel Designer offers a consistent cross-platform onscreen user interface that is fully customizable and programmable for various hardware / software platforms. It allows customers to control user input in any field or any application and maintain a higher level of security than with a traditional physical keyboard or membrane panel.

The main focus of the product is to provide a controlled user interface, integrated at the lowest level of the operating system for best performance, reliability, and security, on any commercial, industrial, kiosk, mobile, pen, rugged, tablet, or touch screen based system or application supporting those devices.

The My-T-Soft product family is ideal for use in environments such as automation, field service, food and beverage, instrumentation, in-vehicle, kiosk, laboratory, logistic, medical, military, mobile pharmaceutical, ruggedized, utility, warehousing, whiteboard, or other extremely clean, dirty, or hazardous interactive user environment.

Innovation Management Group is the primary supplier of onscreen keyboard user interfaces and designer utilities for major automation, handheld, instrumentation, in-vehicle, kiosk, pen, rugged, tablet, touchscreen, ultra mobile, vehicle mount, voting, wearable, and whiteboard systems manufacturers, integrators, and users worlwide. IMG's products run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on some of the most secure, advanced, and critical systems in the world.

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