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Key Recorder records and formats keystroke macros

As more and more end-users work with My-T-Soft vs. commercial developers, different needs arise and some good suggestions are being made. In order to provide a simple way to record keystroke macros for My-T-Soft 1.xx Macro Panels or Build-A-Board Key Actions, a new Keystroke macro Recorder is now available and will roll into updates as things move forward.

You can download KeyRecorder here. This is a simple utility that uses either the Pause key or the Scroll Lock key to toggle recording keystroke macros with correct syntax markup to drop directly into any place a macro can be saved. My-T-Soft or the physical keyboard can be used during the recording, so the appropriate sequence/steps can be performed, and then by stopping the recording, the formatted keystroke macro is placed on the clipboard! Then it can be pasted into the appropriate place, or Notepad can be used to collect a whole sequence of keystroke macros (Be sure to paste/save the macro before recording another one - a new recording overwrites the clipboard)

There are 2 executables - the regular KeyRecord with runs at the same privilege level as the current user, and an Administrator executable that runs at the highest privilege level. For further details, there are additional notes at the tech item QU1115120805 (link above).

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