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My-T-Soft Basic 2.30 is now available!

My-T-Soft Basic has now been released - both as a Free Edition and as part of the IMG Personal License (along with IMG's Build-A-Board system). As a way for an individual user to access boards from the online database of boards at, the stand-alone product named My-T-Soft Basic (also known as the Windows target run-time software from Build-A-Board) has been created. It may be licensed via the IMG Personal License for non-commercial use, and will be rolled into Build-A-Board 2.20 Release 4 for Build-A-Board customers. It includes many updates and capabilities not yet seen in the run-time software.

First and foremost it can access boards from a account, so favorite layouts can be carried across multiple systems. By having a set of favorites (or required layouts) tied to an account, it becomes trivial to install and deploy these layouts onto any system. As the Free Edition, it allows any individual access to boards for various helpful tasks - check out the Edit panel, Windows panel, or even the SMS board for texting, in addition to various keyboards. The Free Edition, while an advertising / marketing tool, still provides value for any Windows user even with its limitations. For those wishing to get the full capabilities of My-T-Soft Basic, the IMG Personal License provides complete access (along with access to the additional titles already part of the license). With the customization capabilities of Build-A-Board, the online database of boards provides the starting point for experiencing what a real interface can do for you - no more dealing with a system provided keyboard, you now have access to what you want, when you want it!

For the technically inclined, here are some of the features available in this release:

  • Key Action/Label abstraction allows operation with version 1.xx Keyboard Macro Files - allows for quick change of language/layout/operation
  • Key image selection - layout appearance can be changed at will within Build-A-Board
  • Region (display) support - arbitrary shapes possible, along with rounded edges or split layouts
  • License options - platform support from Build-A-Board, system licenses via IMG Personal License, image ready deployments, and evaluation licenses
  • Integrated board selection tool
  • May be tied to account
  • Get My Boards command and selection option
  • Embedded Macro support
  • Special Password/Username option
  • KBF Editor (KeyBoard File) included for field editable options
  • TypeFile tool included for external macro support
  • Arbitrary Startup / Shutdown executable support
  • Cursor / Move / Menu options (per board)
  • Key Zoom (Key Echo feedback window) options
  • Parallax settings
  • Key Block timeout settings
  • Support for external DLL display
  • Plus even More!

This also is the first release to utilize what we call the Product Manifest Update. In simple terms, during the "Check for Updates..." option using the IMG Download Manager, the current file manifest is checked against the product release from our download server, and if necessary, individual files (or the complete package of files) will be download and cross-checked to match the current release. This ensures timely updates and a more granular approach to accessing needed updates. Note this is a user requested update process, aimed mainly at accessing new capabilities when they are made available.

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