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Caps Lock - who decides?

When using the Caps Lock on the My-T-Soft virtual keyboard, way back it was deemed sensible to sync with the physical keyboard so users could go back & forth and not run into a mismatched input state. Then came the users. Then came the programmers doing things in applications. And mixed-case password issues. And special situations with remote interfaces or systems without physical keyboards. To solve a specific problem, the IgnoreSystemCapsLock option was added as an Initialization option. It wasn't too long after that when another situation arose. Finally, it was deemed sensible to resolve all the possibilities that were imaginable, and there were 6 distinct options as to how to treat the Caps Lock key in My-T-Soft. Synchronize to the system or ignore the system; Show Caps state based on Internal Setting or System Setting; and Switch key action. For those interested, this is the entry for IgnoreSystemCapsLock documentation in MYTSOFT.INI.

This is one of those issues where only by doing and working with users and systems in the real world will the actual needs of software be discovered. It also illustrates that there can be situations where software expects to solve problems that are not sensible - i.e. the system with no keyboard that acts as though Caps Lock is always on (as reported by the operating system). So who decides which is the correct action? The person actually using it (to match their expectations). This is only possible with supported, field tested, configurable, and maintained software. Which is why our customers rely on My-T-Soft - it can solve problems they didn't even know they had!

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