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IMG announces new Individual Personal License option
Innovation Management Group, Inc. Announces the IMG Individual Personal License

Individuals often want the features, functions, and reliability of IMG Software, but cannot justify the expense of a Professional License. In response to customer demand, IMG has created the IMG Personal License as a simple, affordable, and straightforward way for individuals to access various IMG software products.

The IMG Personal License is a system-based individual/personal license that provides access to certain IMG Software Products with all their features and capabilities, but at an affordable price. The License and software is managed through an individual's personal online web account at It provides account history, product information, and keeps track of the users products and licenses.

The initial offering is a starting point, and over time, additional products along with expanded platform support will be added to the IMG Personal License. Support is included, but limited to IMG's online support knowledge base, FAQ's, help, web account, available updates, and other published resources. History has shown this is more than adequate for most personal users.

The IMG Personal License is for individual / non-commercial use only. IMG Product Services or upgrade to a Professional license are available for additional cost.

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