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The Magnifier - The First Truly Affordable Full Screen Computer Software Magnifier
With over 10 years of growing success, IMG has recently delivered a major update to add support for Windows 7 and to add features requested by both individual and institutional users without adding to the cost of the software.

A Floating Menu Toolbar option was added, among other features, to help The Magnifiers' Library, School, and Senior Computer Community Center patrons quickly select magnification and often used features without having to hunt for them or ask for help. The Menu Toolbar has the was specifically designed to help minimize support interaction by librarians, IT personnel, and helpers at the community computer centers.

The Magnifier still sells for only $49.95 for an individual license. A demo download can be tested for up to 100 hours (1 hour at a time) prior to purchase. Other options include a DVD in Retail Packaging (ideal for Resellers) and on an "Insert and Go Anywhere" USB drive. The "Insert and Go Anywhere" allows anyone to use The Magnifier at home, work, school, or virtually anywhere there's a Windows computer.

The Magnifier has its own website at: or it can be found at:

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