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IMG's The Magnifier software available on
To address the growing demand for The Magnifier software, IMG partners with Amazon Marketplace so Amazon customers can purchase The Magnifier in 2 popular formats - DVD and IMG's Insert & Go USB drive.

View at Amazon here: The Magnifier on DVD and The Magnifier on USB

IMG's The Magnifier is written at the system's lowest level, which allows it to work with the Windows Operating System itself, as well as all other programs running under Windows or on the Internet. This gives the end-user a solid, robust, and reliable low vision tool for use anywhere on their PC. By integrating customer requests, The Magnifier has evolved into a useful tool that user's love and provides desired capabilities at an affordable price.

The Magnifier offers:
* Full Screen or Sizable Window with Auto-Positioning.
* 1x to 40x Magnifier for ALL Windows Applications in 1/10th percent increments.
* Automatic Operation/ Remarkably easy to use.
* Run Multiple Magnifiers on Multiple Monitors. Ideal in Commercial / Public Safety use
* "You Are Here" reference box. Requested by novice computer users!
* Magnifier Toolbar for quick access to major functions. Perfect for Library use.
* Cursor Locator with Animated Cross-hairs for help keeping track of the cursor.
* Works with Mouse and Arrow Keys.

For more information visit IMG's The Magnifier site

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