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Developer's kit utilities for Build-A-Board Linux Targets
Available now, Linux based utilities for basic external control for Linux based targets from Build-A-Board. Includes capabilities for:
Move Window
Save Position
Open (restore)

These cover the basics of what developers or integrators want to accomplish when integrating the My-T-Soft on-screen virtual keyboards along with, or into, an application. By calling out externally, the ability to move, minimize, restore, and bring up new layouts (via the Typefile options, using the built-in CMD:NKBF (New KBF, i.e. New KeyBoard File)), a wide range of control and user-interface design possibilities are easily addressed.

The Typefile external utility allows a wide range of possibilities - it can actually type a file, but typically is used to trigger an internal command (such as New KBF - new keyboard layout). It has the ability to simply be accessed via the command line, or (if given a valid file name) to read and process the contents of the file.

For more information, or to download, see Tech Item ID2012120679

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