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Browser based app with side layouts and bottom based keyboard
The IMG Developer's Kit has various examples and options, and one example shows off the AppBar shell interface that allows the default desktop size to be reduced automatically by an AppBar that can be positioned and sized at the top, bottom, or either side. (This acts somewhat like the taskbar - it reduces the area that a maximized window will fill on the desktop). This has been an example in the kit since 2007, and the capability goes back much further. But it adds an interesting resizing capability that is handled automatically by the system, and to people who do not know it exists, and who don't realize how simple and effective this can be for certain uses, it seems almost magical.

So when an OEM had to address a customer's need to work with a browser based solution, and needed custom boards, My-T-Soft® Build-A-Board came to mind. Once the requirements were specified, along with the need for several boards with 2 different orientations (side and bottom), the MTSAppBar (MTSAppBar from the IMG Developer's Kit) added the missing piece for building a comprehensive, effective interface. So with a few hours of tweaks, and changing the AppBar to size & position based on the selected layout, along with building layouts based on the customer's requirements, a simple, effective, and custom interface was created for the ruggedized system.

IMG will add this additional example to the MTSAppBar example in the Developer's Kit, and may provide some additional examples, as this capability provides some unique interface aspects - and so few people grasp the depth and infinite possibilities of My-T-Soft® Build-A-Board.

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