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Major National Retailer uses My-T-Soft® to bridge user interface from Windows to Linux

During the transition from Industrial PCs to Touchscreen based systems, many customers used My-T-Soft Build-A-Board to layout panels that matched membrane panels, so the change-over was as seamless as possible. This reduced operator training time, and made new systems match the systems being replaced. Now that organizations are looking at Android & Linux based solutions, what's old is new again. If the new system looks and operates like the existing system, the actual users / operators will happily & readily accept the new technology roll-out. If everything operates the same way (or there are only minor changes and/or actual improvements), there essentially is no new training time required. In large scale roll-outs, and for ease of transition, these aspects are highly desirable.

One of our customers is now in this transition to a Linux based system, and are able to quickly & easily move over their custom boards & layouts from the existing Windows system to the new Linux targets. With the cross-platform capabilities of the My-T-Soft on-screen keyboards and the different OS targets available via Build-A-Board custom layouts, this is one item that can be checked off the list - just continue to use My-T-Soft!

About Innovation Management Group

Since 1995, Innovation Management Group has been the primary supplier of onscreen keyboard user interfaces and designer utilities to major corporations, manufacturers, integrators, and users worldwide. IMG's products run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on some of the most secure, advanced, and critical systems in the world.

The My-T-Soft® Family along with IMG's Build-A-Board Keyboard Designer offers a consistent cross-platform onscreen user interface that is fully customizable and programmable for various hardware / software platforms. It allows customers to control user input in any field or any application and maintain a higher level of security than with a traditional physical keyboard or membrane panel. The My-T-Soft product family is ideal for use in environments such as automation, field service, food and beverage, instrumentation, in-vehicle, kiosk, laboratory, logistic, medical, military, mobile, pharmaceutical, ruggedized, utility, warehousing, whiteboard, or other extremely clean, dirty, or hazardous interactive user environment.

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